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Unit Testing Sinatra Apps

Testing is the safety harness for your code. They are not magical, and they will not prevent you from missing bugs you did not anticipate. They do however automate the boring chore of making sure various edge cases and special … Continue reading

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Building a Jekyll Site

Back in 2009 I got a brilliant idea into my head: I was going to build a site on top of Joomla. Why? I still don’t exactly understand my own thought process that lead me to that decision. I think … Continue reading


Private Journaling: Reading

Back in March, I more or less definitively resolved my private journal writing problem when I created MarkdownJournal.com. I made it primarily for myself and so it was designed to scratch all of my particular itches. It was made to … Continue reading

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Ruby Gems and Warhammer

The other day I wrote about my attempts to get back into Warhammer. Today I wanted to touch upon a slightly different aspect of the hobby. The open secret of war gaming community is that models are technically optional. This … Continue reading


Building Sinatra apps with Dropbox-SDK

When I was building my Makdown Journal app I have noticed that there were no good tutorials showing you how to use the official Dropbox-SDK Gem with the Sinatra framework. Granted, this is not necessarily an issue if you know … Continue reading

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Revisiting Private Journaling

A while ago I wrote about my search for a good private journaling solution. Since then I have tried dozens of different apps and services without finding anything I would like. At one point I even wrote my own little … Continue reading


Rails 2.0 on Ubuntu Gutsy

I must confess that Rails makes me feel stupid every time I use it. The accepted truism about the framework is that it boosts your productivity like no other. Unfortunately people forget to tell you that there is second part … Continue reading

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Starting a Rails 2.0 Project

Since Rails 2.0 fucked up just about every single online tutorial out there by removing the scaffold method, I decided to document a step by step process of starting a brand new project. I think it’s important because the approach … Continue reading


What happened to scaffold in Rails 2.x?

Rant time! This one may or may not ruffle some feathers, but frankly I don’t care. I’m probably late to this party and missed out on all the big flame wars seeing how 2.0 was released at the beginning of … Continue reading


Aptana – First Impression

Yesterday I spent some time talking to some dudes running a computer security company in NYC. They have used Ruby on Rails for one of their recent projects, and they were raving about it like madmen. I literally couldn’t make … Continue reading


Ruby on Rails doesn’t Scale Well

Ruby is a really great language with some awesome features, and Rails make it even better. But it appears that it does not scale well yet. Twitter is a great example of using RoR to run a website with millions … Continue reading


Rails: #28000Access denied

I’m continuing to mess around with Ruby on Rails on WinXP. I just ran into another problem that took me over an hour to figure out. I set up a database in MySQL, configured my database.yml file, created a model … Continue reading


Strange WEBrick Error

I was messing around with ruby on my Windows box and for some reason WEBrick kept crashing on me with the following output: ruby script/server => Booting WEBrick… => Rails application started on => Ctrl-C to shutdown server; call … Continue reading

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Learning Ruby (Part 1)

I’m trying to teach myself Ruby so I figured that I will teach you about it as I go along. This will help me to review what I already know. They say the best way to understand a topic is … Continue reading

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I installed Ruby the other day, and configured Rails. Now I’m fucking around with it trying to figure it all out. The language itself reminds me of Python but it has it’s own flow to it, that is quite unlike … Continue reading

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