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Training Dummies in Bethesda Games

Guys, remember how Morrowind and Oblivion had training dummies literally everywhere? You know these wooden things that existed solely to have NPC’s wailing on them every once in a while? Or the little targets for bow practice? Hell, even Fallout … Continue reading


Achievements vs In-Game Perks

Who here cares about video game achievements? You know, stuff like Steam Achievements, or their X-box/Games for Windows Live based equivalent. Personally I don’t really pay them that much attention. I’m not the kind of person who likes to brag … Continue reading


What do you look for in a video game?

When you pick up a video game, what type of entertainment are you looking for? What is the element that usually draws you in the most? Do you play for the story? Do you play to be challenged? Do you … Continue reading


Oblivion: Tips & Tricks

This is going to be yet another Obivion post. I promise that you will only need to suffer at most one more until I’m completely done with this game. This time around I want to talk about useful tips and … Continue reading


Oblivion Mods Revistied

Just so that you know, I’m still playing Oblivion quite obsessively. I do make breaks for other games from time to time (in fact tomorrow I will post a review of a new funky indy game I played), but it … Continue reading

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Non Game Breaking Cheats

Some people do not approve of cheating at video games at all. I am not one of these people. I don’t usually play to win, or to show off my skill. I play games because I like the unfolding plot … Continue reading


Fun Ways to Avoid Invisible Walls

Last week I talked about the ultimate immersion killer in video games: the invisible wall at the edge of the game play area. We discussed in quite a bit of detail how to conceal such an abomination. We talked about … Continue reading


Skill Checks vs Minigames

I’ll tell you a little secret. I don’t particularly like mini games in my computer RPG’s. I actually don’t think they add anything to the game play. If I wanted to solve little puzzle games I would exit the game, … Continue reading


Invisible Walls Kill Immersion

I’m going to talk about Oblivion again today. Friday post will be something entirely different – I promisse. Please keep in mind that while I complain about this game a lot, I continue playing it. It’s not bad – it’s … Continue reading


Oblivion: Few Must Have Mods and a Bug

As you have probably realized by now, the fact that I started playing Oblivion means I will talk about it for a little while. I apologize if you happen to be a reader who hates that game with a passion. … Continue reading


Oblivion First Impression

A while ago, a cursory glance on the back of the Oblivion box convinced me that it wouldn’t run on my computer. I think that was before I upgraded my video card and added more memory. Recently I was looking … Continue reading