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This is where I post the infamous 4th of July jokes, and other topical humor.

Happy 4th!

Happy Jeff Golblum and Will Smith day everyone! If you don’t know what this is about, you haven’t been paying attention. Hint: it’s about aliens. If you are not celebrating the anniversary of the day when America somehow saved the … Continue reading


Oxford: Critical Support Failure

Back in November I wrote a piece on mobile tools for college students. In it I named Google Drive to be one of the most useful resources available. Because of it’s ubiquity (work on every computer and mobile device) and … Continue reading


2012 In Retrospect

It is the last day of the year. Everyone and their mom are doing these “year 2012 in review” types of things. Might as well jump on the bandwagon. What was good on Terminally Incoherent this year? Well, everything. But … Continue reading


Merry X-Mas 2012!

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and merry X-Mas this year. May Robot Santa spare your life this year, regardless of what you celebrate this time of year! The brilliance of Futurama’s X-Mas holiday is that it is not … Continue reading


Notes from Vacation: Disney World

I don’t know if anyone other than me actually pays attention to my posting schedule, or gets upset when posts do not shot up on time. Hopefully not. But on the off chance that you do, I apologize for last … Continue reading


Happy Independence Day

Sigh… You guys knew this was coming right? I feel like I’m over-stretching this joke, but on the other hand it is a bit of a tradition. I have been doing this bit for so many years not I feel … Continue reading


Life Hacking: Mass Reduction

This is a bit of an unusual post. I don’t even have a proper category for it. It does not really fit with most of the other content you read here, but I figured I might as well say write … Continue reading


SOPA: Post Mortem

I haven’t been talking all that much about SOPA on this blog because my world was a bit over saturated with it. More or less every news site and blog I frequent was freaking out about it (and for a … Continue reading


Best of 2011

It seems that everyone and their mom are doing sort of lists this week. I was initially planning not to do one, but holidays tend to sneak up on you sometimes, and eat up your precious blogging time. I figured … Continue reading


Merry X-Mas

Most people have their favorite holiday specials they watch on or around Christmas. For some it’s Charlie Brown, for others it’s Rudolph, National Lampoons, The Christmas Story or Scrooged with Bill Murray. As you have probably guessed, the thing I … Continue reading


SOPA and You

As you may or may have noticed, I have been making a lot of SOPA related jokes on Twitter lately. Why? Because I am genuinely concerned about the future of the internet. For roughly twenty years now, the “information superhighway” … Continue reading


Happy Independence Day

Hey everyone, guess what day is it today? It’s Independence Day! A day when we commemorate the defeat of the alien fleet that blew up the white house by blowing shit up with fireworks. But most importantly it is a … Continue reading


So I’m no longer in my 20’s

So I just woke up, and I’m 30 years old… Fuck everything about this. Yesterday was still a 20-something. Today I must refer to myself as a 30-something. I was not prepared! There should be some gradual process that helps … Continue reading


Happy Pi Day!

Today’s post is a lazy one… Namely, I’m just gonna make π jokes. Feel free to add your jokes in the comments. Note that I’m re-hosting the images but linking to the source where available to be nice. Also, I … Continue reading

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Data Privacy Day

Today is the official Data Privacy Day. Since I was supposed to be teaching my class yesterday, I wanted to take a few minutes and tell my fledgling trans-humans about privacy. You see, as they offload more and more of … Continue reading


Game Queue and New Year Blog Topics

Happy January everyone. It’s time for me to make vague promises and/or threats about the direction of this blog. I vaguely remember doing this soft of thing last year. In lieu of new years resolutions I will tell you what … Continue reading


End of the year list

It’s the last day of the year, and I don’t really have anything interesting queued up so you are getting a year-in-summary type of list. I know, I know – it is not the most original idea I have had … Continue reading


Being a geek on Christmas

Here is a question: being a geek, do you often find that your family is at a complete loss when trying to buy you presents? I know mine is. Every single year. I mean, it’s not like it is hard … Continue reading


Merry X-Mas!

It’s that time of the year kids! Lock your doors, nail your windows shut, and cower under the table with your friends and family while the Robot Santa rampages all over your town, leaving no stone unturned. Merry X-mas folks! … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are reading me from within the US of A. It’s actually tomorrow, but I figured I’ll post this today since I usually don’t have posts queued for Thursdays. … Continue reading

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Happy Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

This is just a quick reminder that on Sunday, September 12 we will be celebrating the International Pretend to be a Time Traveler day. Or we celebrated it on the 8th already. I’m not actually sure which one is the … Continue reading


Another Brief Break in Posting

For those of you who are interested the wedding on Saturday went great. Unfortunately the level of my involvement in this event depleted my post queue once again. Just like last time I’m taking the rest of the week off … Continue reading

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Happy Wedding!

Unfortunately I don’t have any real content for today. That real life thing I mentioned the other week cut into my blogging time. But instead of making excuses I figured out I might as well use this space to send … Continue reading

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Happy Evoloterra

Happy Evoloterra folks! Today is a very special holiday that no one knows or cares about – the anniversary of the first moon landing. It was the first time in the history of mankind when an Earthling left his home … Continue reading


Happy Independence Day

Hey folks, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy belated independence day! The bad news is that this year the holiday fell on Sunday which is stupid. There should be some law that restricts national holidays to Mondays and … Continue reading