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Text Files Are Mysterious

Sigh… This is going to be a short post, because something just died inside of me and I need to go bang my head against the brick wall to relieve the pain. It’s also vaguely related to my post from … Continue reading

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I have my own domain squatters

The other day I got the following email. Curiously, Gmail did not flag it as spam which it probably should. Before you read it though, I strongly advise against actually going to the terminally-incoherent.cn website. It is seriously NSFW. And … Continue reading

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Free Public Wifi Epidemic

Here is a question for you. Have you noticed a strange, non functioning, un-encrypted ad-hoc wireless network occasionally popping up on your Wifi network list in your area? Yeah, I did too. When I first saw it at work, I … Continue reading

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