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Becoming irrelevant one bit at a time

Dear Entertainment Industry, If you belong to organization whose name ends in AA, this post is for you. I’m writing this, because I would like to introduce you to this relatively new concept of Internet. You see, this globe spanning … Continue reading

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Diebold Machines Malfunctioning in Florida

It seems that voters casting early ballots using the Diebold machines in Florida already have reported persistent bugs and glitches preventing them from casting their votes correctly. Apparently most of the faulty machines would assign the votes cast for Democratic … Continue reading

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AOL Data Leak

If your search queries were among those recently made public by AOL, let them know that they suck! Get your banner from EFF and then post it all over the place. Spread the word! click for EFF action page Here … Continue reading

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Online Gambling Ban is Stupid

The Online Gambling Ban is the stupidest internet regulation initiative since “War on Pr0n”. I haven’t done any statistical research about this, but I think that next to pr0n and email, gambling is one of the major uses of internet … Continue reading


John Stewart on Net Netutrality

This might be the best summary of the Net Neutrality madness out there. It has everything including excerpts of Ted Stevens’ speech, animated illustrations of tubes, and witty commentary from John Stewart. Watch it: I think that Ted Stevens single … Continue reading

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Internet is not a Truck!

I made this sign to support Net Neutrality. If you don’t get it, please go and read about the speech given by Senator Ted Stevens. Remember kids, save the internet! Update Sun, July 09 2006, 02:51 AM Heh, check out … Continue reading


The Real Pirates

Every time I rent a movie from blockbuster, I am forced to watch that fucking dumb anti-piracy advertisement. Thank you MPAA for reminding me how much I hate your guts. I really, really enjoy when you shove your crappy propaganda … Continue reading

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Page Rank and Advertising without Net Neutrality

You know, I have been thinking. How is lack of net neutrality going to affect things like page rank or online advertising? Let’s suppose I have a highly ranked site, and one day my host decides to stop paying AT&T … Continue reading

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Jack Thompson is a Douchebag: Part 78

Jack Thompson (aka The Biggest Douche of the Universe) is at it again. This time Mr. Jack “I like to urinate on severed brain stems” Thompson attempted to discredit a well known Seattle philanthropist Michael Malone. Why would the Thompson … Continue reading


Jack Thompson == Duche

Jack Thompson aka “The Biggest Douche in the Universe” is saying ridiculously stupid shit without thinking once again. According to Jack “nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you’re a hit man or a video gamer.” I’m not kidding, this … Continue reading


Why don’t they Practie What they Preach?

Isn’t this sad that the biggest Copyright propaganda pushers are the people who plagiarize content properly attribute, and link their citations? As you may, or may not know, the joke of the week is Capitan Copyright™ – a Canadian superhero … Continue reading

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ThePirateBay.org was raided…

It seems that everyones favorite Swedish bittorrent heroes got themselves raided by the police. ThePirateBay.org headquarters were stormed by 50+ armed policemen who arrested several people and seized the servers. Apparently Swedish authorities still are still diligently working to find … Continue reading

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Anti Environmentalism

Apparently we can expect a strong anti environmentalist advertising campaign on TV in US. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has produced two 60-second television spots focusing on the alleged global warming crisis and the calls by some environmental groups and … Continue reading

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Diebold Voting Machines are Easy to Crack

If your state is planning to use one of the Diebold machines in an upcoming election, you should be concerned. Apparently, these things are really easy to compromise. Just about anyone with physical access to one of these machines can … Continue reading

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Don’t Kill Freedom!

Image © Tarmle Spread the word people! I found this here and the pic is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 2.5 License. So please distribute this! Put it on your webpage, steal it, edit it, modify it, … Continue reading

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Save the Internet

Come on people, this is serious! Let me show you how the internet works. Right now it is set up like this: You pay for your own bandwidth (up and down) to an ISP Google pays for it’s own bandwidth … Continue reading

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No chanel switching during commercials.

Holy Jesus Jumping Christ! WTF is this world comming to? Philips suggests adding flags to commercial breaks to stop a viewer from changing channels until the adverts are over. The flags could also be recognised by digital video recorders, which … Continue reading

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MPAA still doesn’t get it.

This is priceless. zewrestler told me about it this morning, and now I just found this on boingboing. Apparently MPAA intends to sell movie downloads for twice the price of a DVD. of course we are talking about a DRM, … Continue reading

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Entertainment Industry is Terminally Ill

I came to a conclusion. The entertainment industry is dying. It will be done within the next few years, unless it completely restructures itself and drops the failing business models it is clinging too. And as every dying thing on … Continue reading

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No breaking DRM, even if it may kill you

Wow… Just wow… The *AA organizations just transcended to another level of unspeakable evilness. This is from Freedom to Tinker: There were many suggestions to legalize breaking DRM if it would compromise critical infrastructure and/or directly endanger human life. The … Continue reading

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