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Apple Magic Mouse

One of the things I got for Chrismas this year was Apple’s Magic Mouse. It is one of these devices that I sort of coveted, but wouldn’t actually buy myself due to the price tag, and the entire buttonless setup. … Continue reading


iPhone 4

Good news everyone, I just upgraded my exo-cortex! And by that I mean that I got a bran new phone. Yes, the venerable blackberry was retired and replaced by the spiffy new Verizon iPhone, which I’m told is better than … Continue reading


More on UI design: I got my dad a Kindle

I got my dad a Kindle for his birthday. It is a great little device, and he loves it so far. He even remarked that it is actually more comfortable to use than a traditional dead tree book. The current … Continue reading


Smart Phone Advice

Dear Internets, please advise me on the choice of a decent smart phone. You see, I really want an iPhone but I’m with Verizon and it really doesn’t make much sense for me to switch providers at the moment. Most … Continue reading


TI Extensa Scholar ESS2

My ancient Compaq Presario is gone. You know which one I’m talking about, right? It was the machine that used to run the Nethack server and then was turned into a very lightweight laptop running Hardy with Ratpoison. Well, it … Continue reading


Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz Presenter

A while ago I blogged about buying “the clicker”, aka the Targus Wireless presenter tool. If you do not know what it is, let me explain. You know how sometimes when people are doing a Power Point presentation they walk … Continue reading


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

As you may recall, I’m a big fan of split keyboards. In general, I believe that if you are the type of person who spends most of their life in front of a computer, you ought to invest in high … Continue reading


Dell Latitude D520: The Case of a Missing DIMM Socket

Ah the joys of IT work. They never end. Even if you want them too. Even if you pray that they stop, they chase and hunt you down and make you fix stuff. Today I solved the case of a … Continue reading


Bridging Wireless Networks with Linksys WET200

I run into an interesting networking problem recently. My company is testing a hosted VoIP solution from Packet8. I don’t think I have ever mentioned our adventures with the PhonePeople™ as we call them around the office. This is probably … Continue reading


Using Spare Laptop LCD as a VGA Monitor

We have bunch of old broken laptops lying around at work. Most of them are unusable, but I don’t like to throw them out because they are a great resource of spare parts. Sometimes I’m able to dig in that … Continue reading


I Was Wrong about HD Format Winner

It appears that I was dead wrong about the winner of the HD Format war. Since Toshiba officially declared stopping production of HD-DVD players on Tuesday it seems that Blu-Ray is going to move in as a market leader. It … Continue reading


Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

As you may know, I got the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse for Christmas. Ever since I inherited Logitech VX Revolution at work I caught the fancy mouse bug. I figured that since I spend inordinate amounts of time at my computer, … Continue reading

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HD DVD or BluRay?

My cousin got herself a nice HD TV, and I think she is giving me subtle hints that might want some kind of HD media player to go with it for Christmas. And when I say subtle hints I mean, … Continue reading


You Should have a UPS

I don’t care who you are, or what do you do – if you use a desktop computer, you should have a UPS under your desk. And no, I don’t mean United Parcel Service. Although that would be kinda cool … Continue reading


Logitech VX Revolution in Dapper

I just inherited a Logitech VX Revolution mouse – one of those high end mice that I could not bring myself to buy. And by inherited I mean someone who was leaving dropped off their company laptop with all the … Continue reading


Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

After some deliberation, I decided to pick up a nicer keyboard to replace a very old Compaq piece of junk I was using as my external keyboard at work. That thing has been at the company longer than me, and … Continue reading


Is it worth investing in a mouse and keyboard?

If you look at all the mice and keyboards I owned over the years, you will see a trend: simplicity. All my keyboards are simple, generic 104 key devices that came with the machine. If I buy a mouse I … Continue reading


New Phone

I went out and bought the shiny, sleek and sexy LG VX8700. I know, I was thinking about getting the enV – but in the end this seemed like a better choice. The enV just felt bulky and clumsy when … Continue reading


Using Covad ADSL with Netopia-3000 and Sonicwall TZ170

I recently got Covad ADSL to act as a backup internet connection. Comcast is fast, and cheap, but not always reliable, and I hate to have downtimes because of them. By default Covad gives you a Netopia-3000 which is a … Continue reading

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What Have I Learned From My Hard Drive Failure

As you may have read, my windows box has suffered a hard drive failure after a power outage yesterday. Well, my machine is back – at least in a way. I’m running on a bare bones windows installation with just … Continue reading


How not to spill coffee on your laptop

Is it really that hard not to spill your morning coffee on your laptop? I have never done it myself, but some of my users have a really hard time with this concept. In the last 3 years, I had … Continue reading


The Importance of Backing Your Shit Up

This is what I always tell to my users, but they never listen. Have you ever really looked at what is a hard drive? That one piece of hardware where we store all our precious work, data, pictures and etc. … Continue reading


Half of my RAM died

I got up early in the morning today determined to do something productive today. So I got into my office at MSU, started booting my laptop, logged into the JDS workstation and fired up Firefox to check my bloglines, gmail … Continue reading


My New Stick

I bought a new memory stick. I kinda did it on a whim – I saw a tiny 2GB one on amazon for $14 so I just bought it. I got it in today, and it is actually even smaller … Continue reading


Make your own Das Keyboard

Did you ever consider buying Das Keyboard the über cool totally black deck, with no lettering on the keys? I know I did. I know you did too. Don’t even deny it! You know that it’s cool, and you know … Continue reading