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Translation vs Localization

Not so long ago, my brother and me were watching Shin Chan on [adult swim]. If you don’t know what [adult swim] is, that probably means you either don’t have cable TV or you don’t live in US. Let me … Continue reading


Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

I finally got my hands on a fansubbed copy of the first installation of the much hyped and much anticipated cinematic re-make of the cult TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion. And no, this is not yet another movie that attempts … Continue reading


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Some people don’t care for Anime at all, and some people are crazy about it. I personally do not belong to any of these camps. Just as with anything else, there is a some brilliant stuff out there, in the … Continue reading


Last Exile

This seems to become a permanent feature here. On the weekends I review obscure crap that no one but me cares about. I will probably continue doing this with breaks for when I run out of material. Anyway, brace for … Continue reading


Aachi and Ssipak

In April I posted a crazy clip from some Korean animation. Here is a quick side question – is Korean animation still considered anime, or is that name reserved solely for Japanise productions? Honestly, I don’t know! Either way, I … Continue reading


Dashing Kappei

If you know this anime you get 10 geek points: youtube link It’s reeealy old. On top of that, if you watched the Italian dub, with subtitles or lector you get another 10 geek points – cause that’s how I … Continue reading


If they were Anime

Ever wondered how would Simpsons look if they were made in Japan? Here you go: img © spacecoyote How about Futurama? img © satomi-chan Or an alternate version: img © spacecoyote I don’t know about you, but I found these … Continue reading


Tachikoma Plushies

This is the first time I see these: found on the internets; author unknown If you can’t figure out what it is, here is some much needed education for you. [tags]tachikoma, tachikoma plushie, plushie, ghost in the shell, gts, toys[/tags]


Calvin Trigun

This is priceless: found @ myconfinedspace.com; author unknown If you don’t get the reference, go educate yourself! [tags]calvin and hobbes, trigun, vash the stampede[/tags]


End of Evangelion: Episode 26

Profound, moving, and just wacky enough to make you go WTF. This is anime at it’s best. This episode will probably haunt me for a while now. I am serious when I say this, do yourself a favor and skip … Continue reading

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End of Evangelion (Episode 25)

End of Evangelion: Episode 25 OMFG! Awesome! I have been sitting on End of Evangelion for months now, but I never watched. I wanted to finish watching the series on TV before I see the movie. The series ended, and … Continue reading


Inuyasha = DragonBall-Z for Girls LOL

Image: VGCats disses Inuyasha Hehehe! It so is DragonBall-Z for girls! LOLOL! My brother was always a big Ranma fan, so I kindoff got suckered into watching Inuyasha on the account off “hey, this was done by Rumiko Takashi”. What’s … Continue reading


Conqueror of Shamballa

I just watched the last episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, and right after I poped in Conquerror of Shamballa. To my knowledge CoS was never dubbed. My version was in Japanese with English subtitles. Ed’s voice just sounded so bizarre… I … Continue reading

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