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LaTex: Automating Repetition

Few days ago, a buddy of mine contacted me with a problem. He was tasked with creating about a thousand form letters (for snail mail distribution). Being an awesome dude, he turned to open source solutions – and specifically LaTex … Continue reading

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ScribTex – Learn LaTex in the Clouds

As you know, I am a big fan of LaTex. If you did not know that then you must be new here. Welcome to the blog! I have actually written a fairly large number of posts about this lovely markup … Continue reading

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Re: All Word Processors Suck

Shamus Young, the guy who brought us the DM of the Rings, the Spoiler Warning Series and Stolen Pixels is currently writing a book. Like a real, dead tree novel type thing. I’m totally stoked to read it, but it … Continue reading

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