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Project Ravenflight Part 5

This will likely be the last post of the series, so before I begin I wanted to wrap up some lose ends and respond to the constructive criticism I have gotten so far. Firstly, here is a size comparison chart … Continue reading


Ravenflight Part 4: My Centaurs, Gnomes and Angels are Different

Guys, it is time to start wrapping up the Ravenflight series. Here are the three final races: Centaurs, Gnomes and the Celestials. They are all markedly different. Centaurs are mostly good guys and kinda awesome. Gnomes are neutral but strange, … Continue reading


Ravenflight Part 3: My green dudes are different

The three green skinned races of Raven Islands are not directly related, and unlike various human ethnic groups they cannot interbreed. However they are frequently lumped together because of their skin color, and because they have all arrived on the … Continue reading


Ravenflight Part 2: My Humans are Different

If you feel lost, I highly recommend starting with Part 1 of this series which provides some background information with respect to goals and scope of this project. And now, formalities aside, lets talk about humans. To be frank, humans … Continue reading


Ravenflight Part 1: My Halflings, Elves and Dwarves are Different

For a while now I have been running my Reinventing Fantasy Races series of posts in which I try to come up with unusual and unconventional approaches to common fantasy tropes. Over the last few months several people mentioned that … Continue reading