Windows 98 dies on the 16th

From MS website:

“Windows 98
Product Availability: June 30, 1998
Mainstream Support: June 30, 1998 – June 30, 2002
Extended Support: June 30, 2002 – January 16, 2004 (Extended hotfix support ends June 30, 2003. After January 16, 2004, this product will be obsolete and assisted support will no longer be available from Microsoft. Online self-help support will continue to be available until at least June 30, 2006.)”

How many users are still on 98? Quite a bit I would presume. And most likely those who haven’t upgraded yet are not willing too upgrade at all. Which means that they will be vounerable… This might be at most a nuisance for home users, but small companies that just haven’t migrated yet might need to suffer some major losses due to the costs of software and hardware upgrades…

But then again it seems that all the recent network crawling worms target the network oriented OS’s like Win 2k/XP rather than 98. So perhaps the threat is not so big, considering that finding 98 platforms still in use might be more and more problematic…

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