Katie Holmes got Inducted into a spaceman cult!

I did not know that Tom Cuise was a scientologist! Ack!

When I heard that I instantly lost all respect for this guy. Not that I had that much respect for him anyway. But in most of his movies was always playing these all-American hero types. Turns out he is a religious nutcase… BTW, for those who didn’t know, scientology is a scary, creepy spaceman cult!

And now he “converted” Katie Holmes. It’s not that I particularly like her, but it’s sad to see a nice young actress getting sucked into a cult :( Here is an advice for you girls out there – if a guy tells you he is a scientologist you tell him to suck on his body thethans, burn his phone number and RUN AWAY! If you want to marry a guy who truly believes in a galactic confederations and the like get yourself a Star Trek geek for god’s sake!

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