SONY 0wnz J00!!!1

Doubtlessly you have already heard about the Sony DRM Rootkit. If you haven’t you might have been living under a rock for the past few days. Hell, I had exams and was barely online at all lately – but I knew about it since the day one.

Anyways, I’m actually happy that this happened. Now I can really tell people how DRM is evil. And it actually does reach people – even those who are not generally keeping track of this stuff. The bad PR sony is getting because of this is actually making people think twice before buying their products. It actually stopped un4scene from buying any CD’s this week. As long as I know that girl, I have never seen her exhibiting this much self restraint when it came to impulse-purchases! Come on, tell me I’m wrong ;P I must say that this is impressive!

It seems that Kapersky and Sophos are planning to add the rootkit to their antivirus signature databases. I’d say that it’s a good idea because of the way it can be exploited. F-Secure apparently already did this – here is a nice writeup from their database. I would expect others to follow suit. Once McAfee and Norton join the gang, Sony will really start feeling the burn. Unless of course they already bribed these two companies to leave them alone (very likely!).

Apparently CDFreaks already included an anti measure that thwarts the Sony rootkit installation, in their AnyDVD product. I haven’t tested this, so please, if you decide to buy it, do it at your own risk. I’m not endorsing this – I’m just stating a fact.

Sony is digging it’s own grave right now. I really hope this will turn to a biggest PR nightmare ever. If Sony really gets a serious financial loss because of this, then perhaps others will think twice before doing something like this… But then again, sony can probably ride it out, and then blame the huge losses on piracy and develop even more insidious DRM scheme in 2 months :P

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  1. un4scene UNITED STATES says:

    Oh, so buying at $1600 laptop simply because the other one ‘acted up’ isn’t cosidered self restraint is it? Well, I’ll be! And yeah, it reached even clueless me so it must be getting around.

    you probably have seen this ages ago, but I noticed this about legal action:

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    Actually I haven’t seen this. I had exams this week so I’m kinda out of it :P

    Sigh… I wish I could afford to buy a new toy every time my old one acts up. See, I learned how to fix them to avoid this hehe

    I actually desperately need to upgrade my desktop machine. For few weeks now I’m planning to buy more memory, a second HD and a brand new shiny graphics card. But that’s going to set me back few hundred bucks (new graphics card + ram = expensive) which I don’t have.

    I have been kindoff hoping that somehow I can just will these parts into existence – so far no luck though :) If I hold out a little while more I might be able to persuade Santa to bring me one or two of these for christmas. I have been whinig about these to friends and family members for a while now so maybe they’ll get the hint :)

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