Not Good With Computers

Anyone who says “I’m not good with computers” on a daily basis deserves to be larted into submission with a frozen porcupine! Please stop bragging about your lack of computer skills. It is not funny, or cute. Why are you people so proud of this? Why do you glorify your own computer illiteracy, and wear it as a badge of honor? Some of the skills you proudly lack are required for your job!

It is perfectly acceptable to have little or no experience with technology. Not everyone needs to be an expert. I’m not an expert in all fields either. For example, I’m not a plumber. But when my toilet backs up I do not proudly tell the guy fixing it that I have no bathroom skills, and that he might need to come back again tomorrow cause I’ll probably clog it up the minute he leaves.

But when people plop their broken laptops on my desk or when they ask me for tech support they seem to be proud as hell that they just fucked up their system. And before I even look at their computer they tell me that they will be visiting em allot in the future. They already know that they will fuck up on a regular basis and they just give me the heads up. WTF?

This is precisely the wrong attitude. It’s not that you can’t learn technology. It’s because you don’t want to learn it. All these people who brag about how they suck at computers, are simply refusing to learn even the most basic skills. You are setting yourself up for failure. “I’m not good with computers” is a self fulfilling prophecy. Didn’t they teach you this is your humanity classes or whatever you were taking in college? This is in the same league as “I suck at math” and “I will never learn a foreign language”. If you start with that attitude, you will most likely fail at anything you try.

And for God’s sake, do not sign up for Computer Science major with that attitude. You will be miserable, and you will make everyone around you want to repeatedly hit you with blunt objects. I recommend dropping out of college altogether, and finding a cozy blue collar job that will not require you to interact with any kind of electronic equipment.

Do you know what is the difference between an A and a D student? An A student gets the work done, while the D student keeps rambling on about how he is not good at computers, math and etc…

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2 Responses to Not Good With Computers

  1. ZeWrestler UNITED STATES says:

    I couldn’t agree more man. Just think about all the upper level people in our major who are like i can’t program.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    Heh.. How does it happen that these people somehow get into 400 level classes without ever programming anything substatial in their life?

    Or without basic unix knowledge?

    Or without basic internet skills such as ftp, telnet, ssh, scp, etc?

    Is it just Montclair or do other universities have to deal with things like that too?

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