CSAM is Down

The csam server has been down since yesterday. It appears that MSU had yet another power outage. This is why my picture on the sidebar is not showing up. It is served up by csam.montclair.edu which apparently went down.

I can still ssh to pegasus, which tells me that the coverage in RI is spotty. Either way, my pic will probably be gone till Monday, unless I move it over to another server and update the html here.

What is worse however is the fact that the outage took down my sourcejammer server. So much for working from home tomorrow. It seems that I will need to visit the Imaging Lab tomorrow and boot that damn thing up again. Remind me to put that machine on a UPS one day. Sigh…

Oh well… I hope nothing got fried by the power spike…

Update Sat, February 18 2006, 11:46 PM

The csam server came back up. My sourcejammer box is still dead naturally. So I’m still taking a trip to school tomorrow. Maybe this is a good thing. I might get more work done in the office than here at home – less distractions and all :)

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3 Responses to CSAM is Down

  1. Mark UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    What’s up with pegasus this afternoon? Don’t answer via e-mail — I won’t be able to read it (pine on peggy). A favor if you are connected: can you ask Joe / Tom to fix it? I am at a NASA meeting and it would be so cool to have email (I know its kinda new-fangled but I find it pretty useful, uh, essential). Nice blog BTW.

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  2. Mark UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    Just received this via webmail (ugh): “As of approximately 1:15pm today, the Montclair State University main campus lost power. The main campus electrical systems tripped due to an outage in the PSE&G power line. Technicians from PSE&G are on their way to effect corrections and restore power. As soon as we have further information, you will be advised.”

    To OIT’s credit the web server/webmail are still up — but outages have become way too common (over the last few years). Deja vu.

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Yup, it still seems to be down. I wonder if they got those new UPS’s that they were talking about. It would be a shame if they power outage would fry fredie this time around.

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