Crunchwrap – not portable!

Crunchwrap – not portable!

You know how Taco Bell always runs those commercials about their Crunchwrap™ thing being all portable and “Good to go™”? Guess what – they lie like dogs!

The crunchwrap is anything but portable. Today I popped into the local Taco Bell and grabbed one to go, cause I was in a hurry. I decided to eat it quickly at the bus stop while studying programming languages. I figured that I should be able to eat the damn crunchwrap with one hand and use the other hand to hold my book.

But that does not work that well… You see, a Cruchwrap contains the usual taco garbage inside – lettuce, tomatoes, and etc… That stuff starts falling out as soon as you take a bite out of the thing. In addition they did not fold my crunchwrap right, so it had a hole on top, and was falling apart to begin with.

This type of food was just not made to be portable. Remember this whenever you see that stupid commercial again. It’s not “Good to go™”. It is tasty but not portable!

The title of the mobile fast food of the year still belongs to the Chicken Quesadilla. This is possibly the easiest food to eat on the go…

Wait… Why the fuck am I going on and on about Taco Bell????

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