Does anyone get any support from CORE?

I know that I complained about CORE before, and that got me misquoted over at Billy Gray’s Giant Robots Blog. I assume I will be throughly scrutinized analyzed this time also… But, oh well…

Here is the prime example of how CORE sucks. I was trying to install ENVI on that spiffy new JDS Machine. ENVI is expensive proprietary software, so of course we need to obtain a license, activate and all that stuff. Dr. Robila called up CORE to figure out how to do this. They told him the name of the license server, and the port that he needs to use and not much more… 2 minutes later, he got a notification that CORE opened a ticked for his call, and then closed it showing that the problem was resolved.

Funny thing is, that while checking up our bran new “resolved in 10-seconds flat” ticket Dr. Robila noticed that he still had few open tickets in their system. One of them was open since April of last year… And I think that one also dealt with ENVI licensing stuff…

To make the long story short, I’m running ENVI in demo mode till we figure out the license deal. I only need it to view results of my image transformations in a reliable way so demo is good enough for my purposes. But still…

My complaint number 2 is, could someone PLEASE fix up the RI 108 lab? The comweb boxes are literally sprawled on the floor or hanging between student’s legs by the power cable. The kids keep kicking the cables out and that takes down their whole machine.

Sometimes it seems that the only way to get something done is to actually go downstairs and personally nab one of the CORE guys and keep pestering him till he agrees to help you.

I have nothing against these guys personally. They are good people… It’s just the turnaround time for most of the requests is… Well, less than satisfactory.

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  1. Matt UNITED STATES says:

    The system that we use for keeping track of support calls is way too complicated. i still don’t know what half of the stuff means. so it’s easy for calls to get lost in the system.

    But, all you need is someones last name to open up a call. and every call you close, you get credit for. so if someone gives me their last name, and the problem is something simple like plugging in a wire, i open a call and close it just so i can get the credit lol.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    Of course. That’s what I would do too :P

    I guess that’s the problem with high volume helpdesks. Calls get lost, and techies close the calls prematurely to get credit. If the same person calls again i 2 hours you make another ticket and close it again. Thus you get 2 closings for the price of one :)

    I run a low volume helpdesk, where we I need to support around 50 field examiners for a company. We do not have any credit system – we simply need to fix problems as they come up or the employees complain to the boss.

    Essentially I deal with 3-4 people per day – which means I either need to fix their problem, or convince them that there is just nothing I can do to help them. They also can call me back and yell at me if I fuck up :P

    So essentially we aim for more quality service. But if you have a really high volume of calls, this approach is not very practical…

    BTW, note that CORE Helpdesk != OIT Helpdesk. CORE is CSAM-only support group.

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