AOL Determined to Suck Even More!

AOL seems to be determined to implement their email tax scheme. As if they didn’t suck already… If people didn’t see a reason to quit this shitty ISP before, this should be a good incentive.

My dad used to used to give his AOL email to his customers. He doesn’t really have a need a professional email account or anything but he likes to be reachable that way. I’m concerned he might miss important emails due to the whole AOL tax issue. I’m considering setting him up with gmail or something like that.

I should probably set him up a domain, so that he can have a professionally sounding email for business use. The bottom line however is, that we can’t trust AOL anymore.

Btw, go and sign the open letter to aol. They already said they don’t give a shit about it, but hey… It can’t hurt, can it?

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  1. Dan UNITED STATES says:

    Its the illuminati online man.


    check This link

    Plenty of memetics to engage in here. I found some gems in that group. I might strip them and make a new mass link page to the ones I really liked.


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