Patriot Act Renewed

Sigh… It seems that Patriot Act is here to stay.

Please excuse my language but the only thing I can say to this is: [click to view]
Fucking ass bonesmen motherfuckers!

But hey, we are much safer now, right? I feel so much more confident knowing that the Thought Police Homeland Security will be there to make sure that people are not watching online porn or that they don’t pay off their credit card bills to fast.

The man says Patriot Act is doubleplusgood so it must be true! And we get new provisions! Wohoo! We can probably expect more of the same in 4 years, unless we get some sane, people in the government. At this pace the bill of rights should be completely dissolved within my lifetime…

The blatant anal rape on freedom continues.

I just want you people to know that if you voted for bush, it is all your fault :P

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  1. Dan UNITED STATES says:

    Kerry is also a bonesman, there is really no way to win.

    The New World Order must be stopped, but how and by whom – I will never know.

    This one is good but full of religious doomsday memes (Revelations)

    Its time for your mandatory microchip. 666.

    In all seriousness this renewal of the PA is BAD news and in my opinion it is likely to get much much worse.


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