Eolas Patent will B0rk IE in April

You may or may not heard about the stupid Eolas patent on plugins. They won, and MS will now have to break IE and change the way ActiveX, media and applets load in the browser. Wohoo! We are protecting innovation by forcing a company to break compatibility, and re-write parts of it’s application due to a submarine patent. As much as I hate Microsoft, this is fucking dumb!

On the other hand, the retardation of ActiveX may be a good thing. Perhaps web developers will now think twice before using it. Perhaps more people will choose browser independent AJAX based and un-broken-by-silly-patents solutions if possible.

What’s funny is that Opera, Mozilla and Firefox are still allowed to have plugins… After all, after squeezing millions out of MS, there is nothing that Opera could offer them… And it is really hard to exort money from non-profits like Mozzila. :P

This of course led to a totally hilarious exchange on slashdot:

Tackhead (54550):

They’re going to fucking bury that technology. They have done it before, and they will do it again. They’re going to fucking kill ActiveX.
And someone, somewhere, will get an ActiveChair flung at them.

Syberghost (10557):

Now that I’ve stopped laughing at this line, I can reply with who that will be:

Developers, developers, developers, developers.

Z0mb1eman (629653):

Mushroom, mushroom!


I think someone should make a Badger-Badger spoof starring ballmer :P

Developers, developers, developers, Googoe, Google, Chair! Oh! A Chair! Developers, developers…

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