Inuyasha = DragonBall-Z for Girls LOL

Image: VGCats disses Inuyasha

Hehehe! It so is DragonBall-Z for girls! LOLOL!

My brother was always a big Ranma fan, so I kindoff got suckered into watching Inuyasha on the account off “hey, this was done by Rumiko Takashi”. What’s funny, is that when you think about it, you can do almost 1:1 mapping of Ranma characters to Inuyasha characters. Just try it:

Ranma = Inuyasha
Akane = Kogome
Ryoga = Koga
Happosai = Totosai/Myoga
and etc..

If you never saw the show, here is what you need to know: Inuyasha is a guy with a Really Big Sword™ which can deliver a single devastating super move that can kill a 100 daemons in one go. He keeps winning with daemons that are much more powerful than him simply using that one move (he gets like upgrades to the move later on, but it’s still basically the same damn thing). Then there is some questing plot line (searching for sacred jewel shards), and a classic shipper bent for girls (think Inuyasha is to Kogome as Moulder is to Scully or John Crichton is to Aeryn Sun). So yes, DragonBall-Z for girls kinda sums it up pretty well :P

Strangely enough, I find it more watchable than Dragonball – perhaps because Inuyasha lacks those super powerful individuals that can destroy planets with a fart. Or perhaps because most of Inuyasha combat scenes do not streach longer than 1-2 episodes. Sooner or later every villain gets a Wind Scar (Inuyasha’s main super move) in the face, and dies. Consistency, ladies and gentlemen is they key :P

Of course if you were to choose, I would say watch Fullmetal Alchemist instead of Inuyasha. Fullmetal is simply much better, and more original show. Not mentioning Evangelion – which is in a league of it’s own.

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3 Responses to Inuyasha = DragonBall-Z for Girls LOL

  1. Matt UNITED STATES says:

    Evangalion, Naruto, and Ghost in the Shell are my favorite animes to watch as of late. Eva especially. Full metal i enjoyed but i never saw every episode to gain the full grasp on what exactly happened at the end there.

    But DBZ is fucking classic though. DBGT was just slow as hell. they wen’t from like crazy faster than light shit at the end of DBZ to not even being able to throw a punch at the beggining of DBGT. didn’t make sense.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    My favorites are:

    Evangelion – fol total mind-fuck crazy awesomeness

    Fullmetal – for totally original universe and cocepts

    Cowboy Bepop – for just being cool

    Ghost in the Shell – because Batou is the man, with or without the ponytail

    DBZ is a classic – no doubt about it. But I can tolerate it only in small doses :P

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  3. Inuyasha things are always so good (not counting the video games).

    I think the series has been blessed with some very powerful blessings. Can it ever stop being amazing?

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