It’s pronounced Au-then-ti-ca-tion

Can I ask a question? Is it really that difficult to pronounce the word authentication? Seriously! I don’t know. I have a little bit of an accent going, so I do not always pronounce things the right way. For example, when I say multi-threaded it kindoff comes out sounding like the infamous “Multipas” from the Fifth Element most of the time :P

Saying “thirty three” kills me every single time. You sneaky English people with your soft r’s and your “th” sounds. I get it wrong 90% of the time :P

So I usually do not make fun of people mispronouncing words (unless they happen to be the president of the united states – you have no excuse then), especially when they speak with an accent. But most people I work with are native English speakers – and yet they can never pronounce authentication.

Even if I say it first:

Me: “Now check Outgoing server requires authentication”
Luser: “server requires au… au.. authentification… ok, checked”

Really! It’s pronounced au-then-ti-ca-tion! Much easier than 33 in my opinion! I mean it’s not like I’m making you say for example: “w szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie” or “konstantynopolitaƄczykowianeczka”.

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