The Shell is Done

I finished the Shell assignment for my OS class. All the basic requirements are met. I’m planning to play around with it some more, to add pipes, redirection, and allow user to run native apps from within. But that’s just extra stuff. The assignment is technically done.

Now I can concentrate on the OWL-Lite project (10 bonus points if you know what OWL is, and 50 bonus points if you can tell me what is it good for), and grading CMPT-183 homeworks (bleh).

Happy Easter everyone!

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3 Responses to The Shell is Done

  1. ZeWrestler UNITED STATES says:

    damm you finished that quickly.

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  2. Carrie UNITED STATES says:

    Online Web-based Learning. We use at UMass, but alls I can tell it’s only good to make sure students do at leat some prep before each lecture. What can I redeem my points for? A nice tote bag?

    I linked here from ldopa by the way.

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    Sorry, wrong OWL.

    I’m talking about the RDF based Web Ontology Language OWL.

    Unfortunately, I cannot grant you any points for this answer. Please play again though :)

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