Google Calendar > 30boxes

Google Calendar is possible the best calendaring app online at the moment. I have been playing with 30boxes lately, but the big G is much more polished and feature-full. Hell, for what I use it for it is better than Outlook, Sunbird and KCalendar combined :P

To bad for 30boxes crew – they had a solid design, and really good app. 30boxes is like the Sega Dreamcast of online calendaring apps. When it came out first, there was allot of hype around it – but then we got PS2 and Xbox and Dreamcast died. I suspect that soon Microsoft will start providing a free Outlook whatever bullshit thing to counter Gmail+Google Calendar. And then 30boxes will be marginalized completely.

Of course, the old issue still stands – every new Google app you use, gives Google more information on you. And since Google does not seem to grasp a concept of “delete”, their database is a great resource for our beloved thought police government. But then again, Google already reads my emails, and catalogs my web searches (cause I’m usually logged into gmail, and hence google as I browse). Do I really care if Google knows that I have an OWL presentation next Tuesday, or that I have finals in two weeks?

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  1. Luke UNITED STATES says:

    Allright! Bring it on! I wish 30boxes only the best. I really hope they can compete with Google here.

    May the best man.. er, calendar win! :)

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