This is the end of the year…

This is the end of the year. Finals are wrapping up, grades need to be posted by 15th and we have a convocation, and graduation ceremony preparations going on in full swing. It will all be over in few days. Those who graduate will be out of here. Those who are staying will settle down, and get busy teaching, or taking summer sessions.

But for now, it is crazy time on campus. I think the year end thing has it’s effect on everyone. Case in point: Dr. Antoniou tried to introduce us to one of his female students today.

He then proceeded to explain to us that you need to have 2 women in your life, cause if you have one “she will make you cry”, but if you have two, then you will make them cry… Er… Or something like that…

I still don’t know what to say to that. I’m fucking speechless.

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