ZOMG! The Eldar are Comming!

I do not keep up with the Games Workshop rumor mill that closely but I knew that Codex Eldar was in the making for months now. It was only natural to expect new miniatures to come with it. But since I stayed clear of rumor websites for the most part, I haven’t seen any pics up until today.

I just got the newest White Dwarf in the mail, and they have one of those 2 page teasers featuring the new releases. The spread shows new Dire Avenger, Howling Banshee and Fire Dragon models, and the new Walkers. Avengers look awesome. It seems that they get a new set of spures and whatnot. Let’s hope they actually get an upgrade in the new codex. With the current rules, I fail to see any good uses for an avenger squad on the battlefield (unless you are playing Biel-Tan and you need to feel the quota with some Aspect Warrior cannon fodder).

Dragons and Banshees look roughly the same. Models are more polished, and have better detail work. I think banshees got new, cool looking blades and dragons got cooler helmets. But for the most part, these models are canonical so there could be no big changes here.

Walkers on the other hand look incredible. Think IG Sentinel but way cooler, and eldarish! Finally, the Walker pilot got some kind of front armor protection in the front and a nice windshield. I was getting tired of the stupid jokes about the pilot just hanging from the machine all exposed and unprotected. Now I have excuse to put some walkers in my army!

The best piece of news however was the little blurb on that page. Apparently we are going to get a new HQ class called Autarch. These guys are supposed to represent the culmination of the warrior path – a super Exarch if you will. I’m guessing they will sport lord level stat-line, and will be able to pick wargear and abilities from all aspect shrines. This really sounds like a throwback to the good old days when an Exarch was a killing machine, instead of squad leader upgrade.

I have no clue how am I going to justify fielding an Autarch in an Ulthwe army, but I want one! :P

We are also supposed to get new Wraithlord and Avatar models. I’m however not clear if we will get a Wave Serpent. There is a Forge World model for it already so I’m not sure if GW is going to bother…

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