As you may or may not know, I want to expand my humble little website into something more. My whole motivation behind moving away from free services was to be able to do more than just blog. WordPress is an awesome platform, but I’m not sure if I want it to run my whole site. it seems tad limited as it’s main focus is of course blogging.

What I want to do is to have some place where I could publish some of my code, papers, templates and etc. My brother is an aspiring cartoonist, so perhaps I could use this place as a launchpad for some of his work… There are many things I want to do, and WordPress is probably not the best tool to accomplish that. What I really need is a CMS to run the “business end” of the site, and WordPress running my blog.

My host offers automatic install of a CMS called Joomla. It’s a PHP based app that seems quite powerful. I’m playing around with it right now and it seems a little bit clunky and counter intuitive, but at the same time usable.

The problem is unifying the two parts. Joomla is a CMS, and sort of by definition it tries to do everything a webmaster might want to do. It is essentially designed to be a sort-of blog like thing itself. I think it would take some major hacking on my part to make the two parts look and behave the same.

I know one thing – I don’t want to blog in Joomla. It’s a good CMS, but WordPress outshines it when it comes to blog management. So at the moment I’m thinking of keeping the two as separate entities. So there would be Terminally-Incoherent Site, and Terminally-Incoherent Blog living side by side.

Or maybe I’ll hack it into submission. I don’t know yet.

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  1. My brother is an aspiring cartoonist, so perhaps I could use this place as a launchpad for some of his work.

    So where are his cartoons around here? :-P

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  2. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    @Chris Wellons: Oh, yeah – that was back in 2006 and aspiring is the key word here. He never really got to the point where he wanted to publish his stuff online and then sort of moved to bigger and better things.

    He is more interested in building weird sculptures out of random ass junk these days. :P

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