Guild Wars

I officially entered the world of MMOG’s. My brother bought me Guild Wars for my birthday so I have been playing this for the last few days. So far I’m not addicted yet. Unlike WOW and similar games, GW does not have a monthly subscription fee so I can play it as often, as I want.

You see, I’m a casual gamer. I mainly play on weekends, or when I can find couple of hours to kill during the evenings. I just can’t justify subscribing to a regular MMO to myself. With GW on the other hand, I do not waste money when I’m not playing. So I think this is a perfect game for me.

First impression of the game is positive. Although I wish there were more options of customizing your character. You can set your height, and then pick from 6-8 class specific faces and hairstyles, and hair/skin colors. That’s about it. So everyone in the game ends up looking the same. On the other hand, this is not a really new game so I guess I can’t complain that much :P Perhaps I should have started off with GW: Factions. But oh well…

The game promises that there is no camping or grinding, and it is in fact true. All the adventuring areas are instanced, so the only place you get to interact with other players are towns. So gold miners can grind in the instanced areas all by their lonesome, without bothering anyone else. Unfortunately it also means that you can’t just meet people “on the road”. If you decide to wander around the world, you are on by your own.

I have mixed feelings about that aspect of the game. On one hand, it kinda sucks that the social areas are confined to towns. On the other hand, it allows the game to appear more realistic. For example if you wander around outside the town you will see villagers walking around on the local roads, or hanging out in the fields instead of hordes of players chasing down the newbie level monsters to get to level 2 quickly.

So far I only finished few beginner level quests and so I haven’t had a chance to play around with more advanced features of the game. So no formal review for now.

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