Why don’t they Practie What they Preach?

Isn’t this sad that the biggest Copyright propaganda pushers are the people who plagiarize content properly attribute, and link their citations?

As you may, or may not know, the joke of the week is Capitan Copyright™ – a Canadian superhero character who is used to misinform little kids about Copyright related issues. His home site features all kinds of information taken from different sources, such as Wikipedia.

The content on Wikipedia is licensed under GFDL, which means you need to link to the source. Capitan Copyright’s citation however looks like this [source: Wikipedia]. Very interesting. What kind of citation style is that? It’s kinda like saying [source: Linux Journal]. Finding which volume, page and article the citation is from will be left as an exercise for the reader.

These people are going into schools and teaching young kids about copyright! Practice what you preach Capitan Copyright, why don’t you! Geez!

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  1. Tawker CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    That is really really sad, the site also failed to mention the iPod tax and the fees we pay on every blank CD-R to compensate the music industry for losses.

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