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I am very lazy and forgetful when it comes to my browsing habits. If a website does not have an RSS feed, I’m not going to be a regular there. It’s just to tedious to actually go to some silly site and check for updates every day. There are quite a few web comics out there that I would love to follow, but they do not publish RSS. In effect, I rarely visit them, and I do not keep up with the story/jokes.

Same is with comments. Sometimes I stumble onto some interesting blog, and post a comment. But I very rarely go back to see if the author commented anything back. This seems to be the case with everyone. Often I get a comment from someone who randomly stumbled onto my blog via Google or Technorati. But these people rarely stick around. Usually they post a single comment, and never come back.

So I decided I need to fix this. You can now automatically subscribe to the comments when you post them. Just check that little box below the text area, and you are good :) You will get an email notification to the address you entered when someone else replies to that same post.

You can also go back and un-subscribe at any time. Pretty neat eh? WordPress is like the Firefox of blogging tools – there is a freakin plugin for everything. If you have a WordPress blog, I highly recommend Subscribe to Comments 2.0.

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