Food for Thought Re: Iraq


I stumbled upon this very interesting post about the War in Iraq. This is very interesting and thought provoking analysis of the real motivations behind the war.

Here is a quote:

The reason the US had to remove Saddam was (…) Oil. But not in the way you think.

The US didn’t want Iraq’s oil because the world is running out of it and we need to secure more supplies. (It’s not, we don’t). They didn’t even want it so they could make money from selling it in the future, or provide cheap oil for a grateful American public.

They wanted it so they could stop oil production and keep prices UP.

This war wasn’t between the US and Saddam, it was between the US and… the US. Specifically, the Neo-conservatives/Pentagon and Big Oil/State Department.

And there is more. Read the whole thing. It makes allot of sense.

Apparently, all of this is from a Greg Plast book.

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