Internet is not a Truck Techno Remix

DJ Stevens Techno Remix

Dear readers, I give to you the musical stylings of DJ Ted Stevens and his hit single “Internet is a series of Tubes“.

This is just too funny! Steven’s speech sounds even less coherent than I imagined. Wired magazine did a great job of piecing together that whole bit from what seems to be a series of very confused, stuttering, broken sentences punctuated by long periods of “um.. uh… er… oh… the… the… I.. I.. and… um…”

Yes, I know the mp3 is edited and all, but still. You can just imagine how this speech had to go down :P

mp3 © boldheaded, found via legatissimo

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3 Responses to Internet is not a Truck Techno Remix

  1. The best part is when he talks about e-mail.

    “A member of my staff sent me an Internet the other day, and I didn’t get it until friday”

    1) I’ll bet anything hes using dial up, hence his slow speed, and
    2) anyone who reffers to E-mails as Intenets should be kicked out of office.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Damn! Downloading the whole internet on dialup might be tricky. No wonder it took him so long :mrgreen:

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  3. Oh sweetness! Now THAT’s music…

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