RIAA is Pirates

RIAA just lost one of their anti-customer lawsuits. This is the first of the legal attacks against alleged filesharers that went to court and did not end in a settlement. As it turns out, they didn’t have any solid evidence to continue the case and they folded.

The judge made them pay for the defendants legal fees and barred them from any further legal action against the accused family. Finally! For once, the courts stick out for the little guy.

I really think that this case is a good indication on how most RIAA lawsuits would end if more people would have the courage, and money to call them on their bluff, and duke it out in the courtroom. Their only strategy is to scare people into paying settlement fees. Other than that, they usually have nothing.

So please tell me, who are the real pirates here? Ordinary people whose only crime is sharing their property with others, or RIAA who uses terror tactics to extort money from, women, children and the elderly?

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