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Ugly Ducky

Do you know someone whose customized MySpace page is so ugly it makes you want to run away and hide under the table? How do you spot an ugly myspace? They usually include some of the following features: clashing colors, busy backgrounds obstructing text, wide images that destroy page alignment, cacophony of music playing, tons of animated gifs and embedded videos and flash all over the place.

But if you spot the ducky pictured here on a myspace page, you can assume that it was made ugly intentionally. Some time ago zefrank challenged the viewers of his online show to create the ugliest myspace page they could manage, and enter it in the contest. The only requirement is to include the ducky image somewhere on the page.

You can go and vote for the ugliest design throughout the weekend. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Just click on some of the pages on the list. You think you know ugly? You haven’t seen ugly yet!

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