Superman in College

This video cracked me up. Click on the image to get to the vid:

Superman College Years Video
video © umpatriots

Sigh… How come no one does silly stuff like that at MSU?

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  1. I love stuff like this, though this one wasn’t one of the best executed pranks.

    When I was a freshman at Penn State there was an incident like this during the physics finals. The physics classes were (in)famous for weeding out people who didn’t belong in engineering, so there were many people struggling with the course and with the final. Lot’s of stress for them.

    As a joke, someone who wasn’t actually taking the class sneaked into the final to take the exam. They don’t check IDs until you hand the exam in, so this wasn’t hard. After about 15 minutes into the exam, the guy stands up, yells “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!”, rips his exam in half and runs out.

    Then there was the chicken man. He was a student who had a pet chicken he carried with him everywhere, and he always wore a chicken mask, so no one knew his real identity. He’d maintain his costume going to class, and even wander about stopping in other classrooms from time to time. He did this for a few years until some cranky, pissed off professor called the police on him.

    Then there was a giant pink bunny. Apparently this was a reference to some webcomic or something else online. There are some pictures online of this guy roaming around campus and going to class in this ridiculous costume. (Couldn’t find them now.)

    I did some pranks outside the classroom, like rearranging the buttons in the dorm elevators, or wearing odd costumes around.

    I had a good “prank” back during the ’04 elections. Teresa Heinz Kerry came to PSU as part of her husband’s campaign. There was a line forming 6 hours before she even arrived, so you had to be hardcore if you wanted to see her speak. There was Secret Service around, along with campus police and real police, keeping security, which gave me an idea on how to sneak in.

    I went back to my dorm and put on my black suit, sunglasses, and put a cell phone hands-free earbud in my ear, tucking the rest of the wire in my collar. I then went back to the event and pretended to be Secret Service. Note: I didn’t ever claim to be Secret Service. No fake badge or anything. I just remained silent and let people’s assumptions go to work.

    It was really neat. The “flip-flop” anti-Kerry protesters asked me if they could use a stable gun to repair their sign, as if it was some dangerous weapon. I put my hand to my earpiece, looked at the rooftops, then nodded a “yes” to him. Later on I had an elderly couple approach me and thank me for my service. A student journalist from The Daily Collegian tried to interview me as Secret Service (the real Secret Service agents weren’t easily inaccessible).

    One student did see past my disguise, though. At some point the hands-free wire end was hanging out of the back of my jacket. He spotted it, complimented my costume, and pointed out my error.

    Some magazine was taking pictures of the event. A friend found my picture in that magazine where it looked like I was Secret Service keeping an eye on the protesters.

    So eventually I worked my way through some of the crowds to get into the building. The police that were keeping the crowds back let me past with a respectful nod (!!!), but when I got closer the Secret Service spotted me. They wouldn’t be fooled, of course. They told me I “should leave”. I was shitting my pants at this point, so I left immediately. That was probably the biggest adrenaline rush of my life.

    (Just this past January the same black suit duped a Secret Service agent into thinking I was a VIP he was assigned to escort. :-D )

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  2. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    @Chris Wellons: OMG! Too funny! I don’t think I would be able to pull it off though. I’d have a hard time keeping a straight face. Also, I think I’m to sort and to out of shape to really look like a genuine secret service agent. :)

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