Transformers, Robots in teh Suck

That movie is going to suck so much… I just know it.

Penny Arcade Transformers Comic
comic © pennyarcade; click to enlarge

The more I hear about it, the more horrible it sounds. Granted that I’m not a big Transformers fan to begin with… But changing type of truck for Optimus Prime sounds just ridiculous.

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  1. No! They aren’t gonna do that are they? Man, you’d think that SOME things would ring alarm bells for anyone… sheesh. That’s like changing Superman’s tights to orange because it’s the new blue.

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  2. Heh, I just found this Transformers CGI test of Optimus Prime. If it’s real then we’re safe. Why he isn’t red though, I don’t know…

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  3. (3 comments in a row!!!)

    My bad, it looks like it isn’t real… a little quick on the submit button I am.

    Quote from the site:

    This is the personal work of JJ of 3dblasphemy , and has nothing to do with the transformer movie. This was based of the cartoon generation 1 series. Sorry for any inconvience. But just imagine what the movie could be like.

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    No worries :)

    Between the fire truck rumour, and the long-nosed truck pictures floating around, I just don’t know what to think.

    I also heard that Bumblebee is not going to be a hunchback but some other generic car model because of trademark/copyright/bullshit issues.

    The more rumours I hear, the suckier this movie seems. I guess Penny Arcade guys felt the same way.

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  5. Spydeesentz UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    What the hell is everybody Bitchin’ about?!! Everyone keeps whining about how Optimus is supposed to look like this and Bumble bee is supposed to look like that……Over the last few years Optimus has been redone and reinvented as every form of semi truck there is! He’s even been a f#%@in gorilla, for cryin out loud! And lets not forget Megatron…..Who has been a gun, a cannon, a tank, and so on and so forth…..So For the producers and director to stay “true” to the Transformer toys, cartoons, and comics they would need to have about four different versions of each character in the movie. Personally from what I’ve seen, I think the movie looks AWSOME!! As a Transformer fan since childhood, I think they are doing an excellent job translating my beloved Transformers to the silver screen!!!!

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  6. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Spydeesentz – you know, I haven’t really followed the Transformers story so I don’t really know for sure, but… I think some “incarnations” of the Ttansformers are cannon, and the other ones are just alternate versions that may or may not be accepted by the fans…

    But then again that’s just my guess.

    I’m gonna try to keep an open mind when watching this one. :)

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  7. Spydeesentz UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Luke – My point being that there have been multiple versions and reinventions of the characters and story over the past several years. Each new cartoon-watching generation being introduced to a new universe of Transformers. Therefore there are several groups of fans out there. Each group having different expectaions of what they want to see in the movie. I think that is why the production team has decided to not try and follow any peticular incarnation but to try and reinvent and introduce a whole new universe that includes something for evey type of fan out there. The biggest complaint that I hear from my friends is that bumble bee is going to be a camaro and not a yellow bug. I would much rather have a camaro for a best friend than a bug. Personally, I know that he is going to be yellow with a black racing stripe…that’s close enough for me! The Optimus prime design in the movie looks almost identical to the look he has in the latest animated series…which is hugely popular. I am most familiar with the original cartoon but I don’t want the movie to be just like it….because I’ve already seen it!

    “…the quickest way to bore your audiance is to keep telling the same story over,and over again…..” Todd McFarlane

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  8. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Good point. I guess there is no one cannon image in this case.

    On the other hand I loved LoTR so much precisely because it was so close to the book. I did not mind the fact that I already “read” the story. I was still annoyed at the little changes, but overall they nailed it almost perfectly. I know that if Peter Jackson would try to “reinvent” the story and make it new, I would absolutely hate it.

    I hated both Spider Man movies, because they departed to far from the comic books that I read as a kid. But then again, I guess your point would hold here – the spiderman of my childhood was probably not the same spiderman as today.

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