MPAA suing a Millionaire

MPAA Sucks

So far RIAA have been suing old ladies, single mothers, young children, and dead people. It is a brilliant strategy – you sue innocent people who can’t pay legal fees and extort money from them. If they can’t pay up, you can always suggest that they drop out of college. The rule of thumb is that if you sue middle or lower class people they will not be able to afford a lawsuit, and will have to settle.

Apparently MPAA was not taking notes. They decided to up the ante and sue a millionaire. He has lots of money so they can squeeze a big settlement out of him, right? Wrong. If you have money, you can hire expensive lawyers to tell MPAA to suck it. Shawn Hogan, the said millionaire CEO is willing to spend $100,000 or more in legal fees to prove his innocence, and stick it to the litigious movie makers.

Go Shawn! You are the hero of the internet generation! I think we should all figure out what Mr. Shawn’s company is selling, and buy some just to support his cause. :mrgreen:

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