Mark of Chaos Trailer

Mark of Chaos

Holly Fucking Shit! I absolutely love the new Mark of Chaos Trailer [youtube mirror]. It is so incredibly bad ass cool that it leaves me speechless. If you are not a fan of Warhammer you will probably not understand. This vid made me feel the same way the first LOTR trailers did. Or like that time when I was watching the earliest trailers for Phantom Menace (back then we still hoped that the movie will live up to the originals).

This is the kind of giddy excitement that you experience when seeing your favorite fictional universe being brought to life on the movie screen. These guys should make a full CGI Warhammer movie!

I’m serious about this. It would be a good time for someone to license the universe from Games Workshop and make a feature film. Enough time has passed to avoid looking like a cheep LOTR ripoff, and the audiences are getting hungry for another good fantasy production. Someone could really cash in on this…

As for the actual game – meh… Doesn’t do much for me. It looks like an upgraded Dark Omen, which by the way did not rock my boat at all :P But the trailer… Holly shit, it is awesome!

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