Messing up America


Bush administration has found a solution for that annoying problem of prisoner torture in Abu Ghraib. This brilliant move will completely remove all the the controversy, and will shut the journalists up for good.

Does it mean they will finally crack down on the torture?

No, of course not! That would actually make sense. Instead we are going to do the direct opposite – we are going to legalize it!

The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

Screw Geneva Convention! Screw the international law! Can someone tell me what is the official excuse for this move? Why are we legitimizing humiliation of prisoners? How come American public is not outraged about this?

And if this does not make you angry, I have another piece of news. To show you how horribly retarded this is, I will need some visual props. But since I’m to lazy to make them, I will just refer you to a video which uses stacks of Oreo cookies to visually represent the distribution of spendings in our budget.

As you can see the defense spendings stack is about 5 times higher than anything else. With that in mind, explain to me why are they planning to cut funding for war-related brain injuries?

Congress appears ready to slash funding for the research and treatment of brain injuries caused by bomb blasts, an injury that military scientists describe as a signature wound of the Iraq war.

If it didn’t sink in yet, let me summarize it for you. We are going to legalize and scale up the torture camps in Iraq, but we don’t really want to treat the wounded troops that are coming back home with blast-related brain injuries. 8O Gotta have your priorities straight.

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2 Responses to Messing up America

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, George W. Bush needs to be impeached and then the whole lot of them (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rove, Bolton, Rumsfeld, et al.) need to be charged with war crimes. Every last one of them. Too bad the Democrats have no balls and the American public is too busy watching “reality” television.

    It’s enough to make me want to cry.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I totally agree. Impeach his ass! :mrgreen:

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