Dryads and Ents

Have you ever seen an Ent or a Dryad in the forest? Here are some pictures of weird, human looking trees:

Dancing DryadTall DryadScarry DryadBig EntWalking Ent
click to enlarge; © haha.nu, morpheus, pacamanca, rivermonkey

Nature works in mysterious ways…

On the other hand, I take that back. Nature is completely unpredictably random. The ents and dryads are all in our heads. We project human features onto inanimate objects. We are biologically hardwired to do this! Essentially every culture of the world uses anthropomorphism, and then socially reinforces it via fairy tales, myths and etc..

Speaking of dryads… Check out this awesome dryad-centaur conversion I found:

Dryad Centaur

click to enlarge

Apparently the guy uses these as Wild riders of Kurnous. This looks like a really awesome Wood Elf army in the making.

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