Software is Expensive

My company is looking into a new time/expense tracking system. The way we operate around here, we are less concerned with actual project management side of the app. Most of the things we do revolve around one-man audits so there is really not much to manage there. As long as the system allows us to put a man on a job, we are peachy. But we are all about the time sheet, and expense tracking details, running reports and being super anal about this stuff.

So far our best candidate was Replicon. It had all the features we needed, most of the ones we wanted, and a few that made us go “oooh!”. In addition to that they really had a great salesperson giving us a demo. He was entertaining, conversational, throughly answered all our questions, and asked many of his own to get a better idea which features are important to us. Kudos!

We also looked at ACE Project, but it just didn’t have the features we needed. I was yawning so hard throughout the demo, I almost dropped the phone.

Another app that looked somewhat good was Journyx. We are yet to hear the sales pitch, and see a live demo though. A nice sales lady sent me a set of friken essay questions to answer before they schedule a presentation. Here are some of their questions:

~What are the business needs being accomplished by automating your time and expense tracking?
~What are your primary goals for improving time and expense data collection?
~What policies and procedures do you have that you believe are unique?

WTF? Listen lady, I’m trying to give you my business, but I really don’t feel like jumping through hoops to do this. You should be pitching your product to me, not the other way around. Sigh…

We checked out few other apps, but they were not very impressive. We collectively agreed that Replicon was our best choice. So I went and started looking at their pricing. For ~70 users, the system would set us back almost $10K + the cost of purchasing a SQLServer license and deployment costs. 8O

Any suggestions for a good, mature, well supported online time tracking solution?

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3 Responses to Software is Expensive

  1. Stefer Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Check out Dovico. It’s from a local company where i live. I don’t know their prices/packages, but they seem to be a good solid business.

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  2. Jan BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    We use Replicon at work and are happy with it. The only extra feature we would like is to have two (or more) timesheets per week for holiday planning. That way, employees can already submit a timesheet for their holidays in advance.

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I keep hearing good things about replicon. Some of my coworkers literally fell in love with it during the demo.

    Heh… We are conspiring to come up with a good pitch for it to the big boss. He is likely to tell us to get the hell out of his office when he hears how much does it cost. :P

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