What does your browser reveal about you?

Firefox vs IE

I often tend to judge people based on the type of browser they use. Believe it or not, the choice of your favorite browser reveals a lot about your personality.

IE 5.0:

You only use your computer for IM, email and Myspace. You stubbornly refuse to upgrade that ancient Win 98 box that you are using because you don’t need some fancy computer and in your opinion the one you have works just fine. You also probably don’t use antivirus or antispyware either. You just let your son/nephew/friend clean it out every month or so.

IE 6.0:

You probably don’t know what a “browser” is and you think Internet is IE. You have no clue about technology, and you are generally afraid of computers. You also use your machine only for IM, chat, email and myspace. Your friends keep telling you about that “Fried Fox” thingy but you don’t really understand this stuff and never really had time to look into it.

IE 7.0:

You consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of technology. You think that Microsoft is the greatest company on the earth, and that this evil “Lenoux” operating system is made by terrorists. You have a poster of Steve Ballmer on your wall, and you want to be like Bill Gates when you grow up. When you think about Vista you get goosebumps and shiver with excitement.

Firefox 1.x:

You are most likely a little bit geeky and proud of it. You are a strong supporter of the Open Source movement, and you think that RMS is “the man”. You really don’t care if FF is faster, or safer than IE – you would use it even if it performed 10 times worse. You are just happy that you have a free, open source browser with a huge community that is supporting it. At any given time you have installed at least 7 extensions that you couldn’t live without.

Firefox 2.0 Beta:

You are a developer by day and open source developer by night. Either that, or a huge Firefox fan. You are all over Bugzilla reporting all the issues you encounter with the browser. You have probably summited at least one patch to an open source project at some point in your life. You love to tinker with your applications, and you don’t mind running beta software on your machine. After all, it is fun to discover new bugs, and to work little kinks out of the new cutting edge programs.


You have been with Mozilla since the begging. You think that Firefox is really over-hyped and you prefer the old school Netscape like environment much better. You don’t think the Moz Suite is bloated – you actually like having a mail client, irc client, and a web editor embedded in the browser. You don’t understand why people would pick a browser with less features. In all other aspects you are much like a Firefox user – you love Open Source, you are fond of your extensions and etc… Actually, no – you would rather say that Firefox users are much like you in their tastes. After all, you were using an awesome gecko powered browser while they were still struggling with their IE or whatever.


You really don’t care for they Firefox hype. What you want is the best browser there is – and for you that’s Opera. You actually used to pay them when the browser was ad supported. If a Firefox fanboi starts talking smack about your browser you quickly shoot him down by proposing the ACID2 test. You know what you want (a fast, standards compliant browser) and you know where to get it. Browser wars do not interest you at all, although you kinda hope that Firefox wins so that fewer web developers make IE only pages.

Netscape 8.x:

You are a senior citizen, who just recently got a new computer. You don’t really understand anything about the internets, but you distinctly remember that you must have Netscape to run them. You can’t understand all that talk about Internet Explorator and Firesomething, and you have no clue what Oprah has to do with the internets. All you know is that you need to click on that big N to get to the “onlines”. You think that Senator Steven’s speech about net neutrality made a lot of sense. You also sent out an internet one day, and the other person haven’t received it for days.

Netscape 7 and below:

See IE 5.0.

AOL Explorer:

Ever since you installed new AIM client this thing became your default browser. You really hate it, but you just can’t figure out how to change it back. You don’t even know how to explain what you want to your computer savvy friends. Whenever you try to get help and you say something like “can you change the new internet, back to the old internet?” they just stare at you and pretend they don’t understand. They probably don’t know as much about computers as they say they do, or something.

AOL Suite:

You most likely either still use AOL as your dialup ISP. Either that, or you somehow figured that you still need AOL even after getting broadband connection. Someone told you you can actually use the internets without starting AOL but you haven’t figured out how is that possible. It seems really difficult though, and you suspect it might be illegal.


Congratulations! You are a Mac user with all perks and benefits that title offers you. You love OSX, and you would never use Windows. It just seems ugly and kludge stricken to you. You like the simplicity, and clarity that Mac offers you, and Safari is a browser that just works for you. You never really bothered to look for another one, because you are fully satisfied with what you have and you wouldn’t change it for the world.


You are a linux user, and a geek at heart. You think that KDE is the best desktop environment out there, and you despise Gnome. You love the fact that your browser is also file manager, a ftp/scp client, smb share client, a PDF viewer and many other things. You like to show off KDE’s network transparency to your friends by scp’ing to your web server, editing HTML file, saving it, and then refreshing the modified page without ever leaving the browser. Most of the applications you use on a daily basis have names starting with a k (Kmail, Kontact, Kdevelop, Koffice etc..)


You are a liar. You really want me to believe that you use a text browser for everything? Especially one that does not support javascript, frames, css and has trouble displaying tables? Seriously, I can totally believe that you use vi all the time, and that your primary email client is Mutt or Pine. But there is no way that I’m prepared to buy that you use lynx for everything. And if you would, then you’d be the most hardcore geek I have ever seen in my life. Hats off to you!

If you disagree with any of the above, please let me know in the comments. If you are offended, then stop using that shit you use and get a real browser. :mrgreen: Also feel free to add short descriptions for the browsers that I missed.

Disclaimer: I have no clue who made that awesome firefox image. Someone had it as an avatar on a message board. I’m perfectly willing to give the author credit if I can find him.

Update Sun, August 20 2006, 04:00 AM

Thank you for all the comments. Just to set things straight – I am not saying Lynx is a bad browser. I use it quite often in fact for various things. I’m just saying that I doubt a lot of people would use it as their main browser of choice. But if you are, hats off to you! You are much more hardcore than I am.

Update Sun, August 20 2006, 10:09 PM

Now, here are some missing browsers by popular demand:


They might as well call you Mr. Web 2.0. You are all over flickr, del.icio.us, youtube and dozens of other websites, and your browser reflects it. You think that Firefox is OK, but it does not include all the blogging, photo sharing, tagging and bookmark sharing tools right there at your fingertips. You wish you could get a chip implanted in your brain so that you would stay connected to the web and be able to moblog 24/7. When the small minded people tell you that Flock is just a fork of Firefox you dismiss them saying they are not seeing the big picture.


You are a Gnome user and proud of it. You consider KDE a torture device from hell. You are fond of explaining people that KDE must be configured for hours before it can be usable. The people who claim that KDE is totally usable right out of the box are definitely dirty liers. You prefer things simple and intuitive – that’s why you picked Gnome, and that’s why you use Epiphany. You tried using Mozzila and Firefox but you found them bloated, counterintuitive and ugly. Your desktop is neat an organized, just like your desk is.

Maxthon and Avant:

You are a little bit confused. You like IE and you wouldn’t change it for another browser. You don’t want to worry about sites that won’t render properly, or ActiveX controls that won’t work on an alternative browser. But deep down inside you are envious of your friends who get to have tabbed browsing, and other cool features. You do recognize that IE is a little behind the times though, and you want something more modern, without giving up your ability to render certain websites. Maxhton/Avant lets you have the best of both worlds – the warm and comfy feel of IE rendering engine, and all the cool features that are standard in other browsers. You will likely switch to IE7 when it is out of beta.

Sea Monkey:

You simply like application suites. You can’t help it, but the thought of using separate applications for web browsing an email just seems obscene to you. You used to use Mozilla but when Sea Monkey was released, you quickly jumped ship and you have never looked back. You think Sea Monkey is the coolest name for a browser ever!


You have been a sysadmin for most of your life. You rarely see the sunlight because you spend most of your day in the bowels of the NOC surrounded by big servers. You can’t sleep without the background noise of a humming computer fan. You take a warm jacket to work even in the summertime because the AC in the server room is cranked up so high you could get a cold just thinking about it. Young geeks look up to you, and try to imitate you – but you could never figure out why.


You are way to impatient to wait for your browser to load. Even IE starts up to slow for you. That’s why your browser has a preloader, and it is cranked up so high that it only takes nanoseconds for the window to pop up on the screen. You live life in the fast lane, and you do not have time to wait for the slow moving applications. You can remember spending hours doing windows registry tweaks to bring up those response rates, loading times, and decrease timeouts on everything.


You are a minimalist at heart. You like your applications small and fast. You can be obsessive about memory footprints of the programs you run on a daily basis. You most likely run IceWM or Windowmaker on your machine and you sneer at the bloated desktop environments such as KDE or Gnome. You are known as the the local Linux/BSD guru.

Sigh… I tried to write something about Camino, Shiira and Omniweb but I have nothing. I never used them. Please feel free to do your own description of those in the comment and I will include it in the post.


This post was translated to Chinese – here. I can’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you much more about it, but I think it’s awesome that someone took time to do this. :mrgreen:

Portugese translation can be found here. Thanks!

Update Mon, Aug 21 2006, 3:20 PM

For those of you who are interested, here are my istes the browser usage statistics for the last few days.

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410 Responses to What does your browser reveal about you?

  1. Rob UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Great blog! I’ve added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of . To view the feature of your blog, please visit http://blogoftheday.org/page/111982

    ps. I would disclaim the last entry about Lynx because it is necessary for accessibility for some users. Otherwise you’re bang on!

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  2. Rob UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Damn! Category for Blog of the Day is Computers. I had it in there, then had to retype because I missed the security code…

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thanks! :)

    You might be onto something with Lynx. How do people use it for accessibility though? I always figured that people would use either stand alone screen readers or some sort of add-on on top of IE or something.

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  4. Me Shiira Mac OS says:

    Shiira. But I don’t know how many of us there are out there.

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  5. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Never used Shiira but I guess the best way to describe it is a Mac browser using the KHTML engine and the Coca interface released under BSD license.

    What does that tell me about you? Open Source loving Mac user who is not afraid to use bleeding edge software :)

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  6. Rob UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    From the Lynx entry on Wikipedia:

    Because of its text-to-speech-friendly interface, Lynx was once popular with visually-impaired users, but better screen readers have reduced the appeal of this application.


    It seems we’re both right.

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  7. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    :mrgreen: Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I think Lynx, Links and their derivatives are awesome for doing quick little things, or for testing stuff.

    For example, when I set up a web server at a new location I routinely use lynx on remote machines to see if the site is accessible from the outside.

    I would imagine that visually impaired people would use something tad more sophisticated that would not lock them out of most of Web 2.0 which is very AJAX heavy.

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  8. Though I am a obsessive compulive Safari user, I do use Firefox 2.0 Beta+. Unfortunately, not everyone (WinBlows users) believes in the power of the Mac, and my best option for certain sites is Firefox. When i do use a machine w/ WinBlows, I *must* use Firefox or else I shed tears. No one wants to see a pretty girl cry. Snot is not pretty and neither is IE.

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  9. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I use Firefox on whichever platform I am (Windows and Linux – I don’t own a Mac at the moment). Even though I’m a die hard KDE fan I just don’t like Konqueror as a web browser (it makes for a fine file manager though).

    Whenever I’m forced to use IE I keep middle clicking links to open them in a new tab – muscle memory is hard to override sometimes. :P

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  10. Flock UNITED STATES Flock Windows says:

    What about Flock?

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  11. Jerry AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Ah, middle-clicking on IE. Makes me flinch and swear whenever that happens.

    What about Firefox 3.0 (‘Minefield’) users and the new Web 2.0 kids on the block, e.g. Flock? :P

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  12. Karthik Kumar INDIA Opera Windows says:

    That was good man,,,really good.I use Opera mainly,but switch to Firefox for sites that don’t support Opera.

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  13. alan UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox FreeBSD says:

    What about k-meleon? It’s beter if you pronounce it: K + mel + E + on. No one likes saying ‘lizards’.

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  14. sssiamese UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’m confused about the whole thing. I doubt anyone who runs Win98 is under the age of twenty. If they are, they are surely beaten back into the basement when they so much as comment about the food served at suppertime much less when they voice their opinion as to what browser their grandparents use.

    I’m sure many browser upgrades/changes are made out of peer pressure. I am sure this blog is meant to do similar things.

    I also believe that whatever the choice browser you use is, the spell-check option or extension was not utilized.

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  15. daniel UNITED STATES Opera Mac OS says:

    heh, im a diehard opera and safari, and both pretty accuratly describe me. shiira isnt bad, but needs more options, and i use firefox on occasion.

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  16. flockstar UNITED STATES Flock Mac OS says:

    obviously, if yr using flock yr just too L337 for this list…

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  17. xenoterracide UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    dude check your spelling I know some of it was intention but some of it seems like a spelling error.


    also what about links2 I believe it does/can support javascript. I could find out if I wanted too.

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  18. Firefox of course… I was a user of Netscape since around 2.0….

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  19. Shivaranjan INDIA Opera Windows says:

    Rightly Said… I am an opera die hard fan. the personality you have said rightly suits me… :-)

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  20. Bryce AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Well done, great article.

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  21. Mark UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I don’t think the IE6 description is entirely accurate, nor do I agree with the Firefox 1.x description. I use Firefox because it has great features (tabbed browsing, extensions, support, etc) and because it performs quite well but I would drop it like a bad habit if it performed 10 times worse. As for IE6, I used it for a long time simply because I didn’t care which browser I used. IE6 is so integrated into WinXP and I have to use it at work all the time. Plus, when I’m developing web pages, it’s the browser that will most likely be viewing them so it’s important to know what they’ll see. The security is definately an annoying issue but if you keep yourself aware of the issues, it’s a fairly manageable thing. None-the-less, I’m still much happier knowing I don’t have most of those issues now. I dunno, maybe I just break the mold (I’m definately more than “a little bit geeky”).

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  22. chron UNITED STATES Shiira Mac OS says:

    Please use proper English.

    spelingk is imporant.

    uyor charactierizationz are dumbb with a capital B.

    you seem to enjoy belittlingk people

    what a waste ov bandwidt

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  23. blah UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Please, I was using Lynx before the majority of users even knew what the Internet is. I don’t use Lynx now, but I mean give it some respect. Lynx (browser) + Pine (email) is all that you needed and it was amazingly fast and responsive.

    I have 4 browsers on my computer right now, IE 6, FireFox 1.75 (or whatever the latest version is for it) and FireFox 2.0 beta, and Opera 9. I have them all mostly for web design development, but I have to say I used Opera in the mid 90s because they released a free version during the early days of the company, and IE and Netscape were charging money for the browser and I was running Win 3.1 at the time – Opera was pretty good although it didn’t support a lot of things, including Javascript.

    But after having tried out all the popular browsers, I’m really happy with Opera’s speed and execution. It’s unbelievably fast, and it makes Firefox look like some primitive tool.

    Firefox was good before all the hype about it started, but to be honest it no longer is secure or faster. Firefox eats up memory at a much faster rate then IE and Opera (combined). Also Firefox is vulnerable to html title attacks, I know of one exploit that can completely crash Firefox, and because firefox uses javascript to execute menu options, this exploit can be embedded into a page so that FireFox saves it in the history and each time the page is loaded – and the history is checked, the browser will crash.

    To give everyone just a taste of what I’m talking about, try this:
    put several characters (about million or so, use javascript to do this) in between two title tags ({million characters}) and then save it as an html page and load it in firefox. It will crash the browser, if you do a google search on the javascript functions used to execute options (look in chrome.css) you will see how to execute certain option menus – depending on users firefox setup and version.

    Overall firefox is great for new users, but Opera is still my browser of choice.

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  24. Scott UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    Wow. You sure make a lot of stupid and wrong assumptions. I prefer open-minded developers rather than types who think everyone who’s not like them is some idiotic noob.

    But go ahead, be stupid.

    And if you guess what I think you will about my platform and browser of choice, you’ll be wrong…

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  25. Mike D NEW ZEALAND Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    “You think that Senator Steven’s speech about net neutrality made allot of sense. You also sent out an internet one day, and the other person haven’t received it for days.”

    I’m never going to get tired of these jokes! Great post!

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  27. Sean UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’d probably switch to Opera, but I’m way to accustomed to my FF extensions. Couldn’t live without them.

    BTW – “a lot” is two words. :P

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  28. Billy SINGAPORE Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    you forgot Flock users!

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  29. Programous UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Your missing one very important one:

    IE7+ (IE7 on Vista Beta):
    You have beta everything, and do you know why? Because beta means better. You can’t remember installing anything in the past 5 that you didn’t have to click though a disclaimer for. You have the entire windows registry stored in your head and can come very close to re-writing the kernel with it. At one point, you actually disassembled the windows kernel and printed it out, and proceeded to read all of it line by line.

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  30. opera Lover NETHERLANDS Opera Windows says:

    So funny, the opera user profile indeed does describe me fully. One missing characteristic: i simply ignore all sites that don’t work in Opera, except for Googles great apps: i pretend to be mozilla: feels like cheating.

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  31. Colin CANADA OmniWeb Mac OS says:


    You arent running MacOSX, you’re running NeXTSTEP 6! You hacked up your dock plist so you can stand it up on the right and pin it to the top where it belongs. You long for the old days of scrollbars on the left. You contantly rant about how Mac users need a history lesson. People who think Mac users are arrogant about what’s right, and whats wrong about GUI design obviously haven’t met you.

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  32. Clay Smith UNITED STATES Camino Mac OS says:

    Shirra! Ha. But seriously, where’s Camino?

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  33. Chad Allen UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    How about Camino?

    Users who loves the gecko rendering system but as a Mac user, becomes spoiled with pretty GUI, and Firefox’s XUL interface doesn’t cut it. Sure, they miss having extensions, but overall speed makes even Windows users zealous of this open-source project. Camino will do nicely until Firefox in Cocoa is stable for use.

    Luke – Shiira uses webkit, not KHTML.

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  34. pclouds VIET NAM Epiphany Linux says:

    I use Epiphany and sometimes links. I wonder what you would say about them :)

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  35. amdee UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    It’s all about extensions >

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  36. daza AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Nothing wrong with IE7… it’s still in BETA and will be more refined once it is finished. And I can almost guarantee EVERYONE using IE7 knows what Firefox is. Mainly because if you go to enough effort to download a BETA browser, then you obviously are geeky enough to know what Firefox is. Infact, you probably jus switched from Firefox to IE7 because admittedly, Firefox is better, but die-hard IE fans will still jump at Microsoft’s Firefox alternative the second they get (like me :P).

    Personally I use all three (IE7, Opera and FF). Firefox about 80% of the time, the rest 10% each. I think all browsers these days are great.. to be honest, they all do relatively the same thing just as well as each other.

    Interesting read :)

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  37. Paul UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I do the same thing. When it doesn’t work, I think the mouse is broken so I right click for “Open Link in New Tab” only to remember that I am using a browser that hasn’t been updated in 4 years.

    Epiphany, the GNOME Web browser
    Epiphany is the web browser for the GNOME desktop. Its goal is to be simple and easy to use. Epiphany ties together many GNOME components in order to let you focus on the Web content, instead of the browser application. As part of the GNOME project, Epiphany is Free Software.


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  38. Artr AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You forgot about Flock… even though i don’t use it.. i know a few people who love it to bits…

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  39. bri UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    This post is stupid.

    Oh my god, let’s all laugh at stupid cliches pepetrated by someone who can’t write anything original.

    I use Safari.

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  40. Dan UNITED STATES Mozilla SeaMonkey Windows says:

    You forgot SeaMonkey, the Mozilla Suite replacement. They’re up to 1.0.4. Good Internet suite. Tight. What does it say about the user? Not a lot. You can choose which modules to install. Maybe you like choices? Maybe you want two different open source Mozilla browsers/email progs on one machine, one for each of the two people regularly using it.

    Also, Avant. It says you’re a developer wanting to use IE for testing, but you like tabs and security etc.

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  41. Tom AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Maxthon?? I know there are a fair few people using it.

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  42. Stu AUSTRALIA Flock Mac OS says:

    What about Flock? The only browser I use and I’m not even a super geek. It just looks better and has better features without having to worry about extensions.

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  43. joe doe UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Just a small typo:

    You have been with Mozilla since the begging.

    should be (I suppose):


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  44. Kevin UNITED STATES OmniWeb Mac OS says:

    A good article, unfortunately it leaves out the single best web browser on the planet (and sadly one of the least well known): OmniWeb!!!

    See for yourself, http://www.omnigroup.com. Mac OS X only. This browser is fast (uses the Safari engine), and more important it is incredibly smart. The preferences alone – like “block images matching known ad sizes” – will make you wonder why other browsers are so archaic and clumsy. It does *everything* better, from thumbnail tabs to bookmark and history management to password keychains. And it’s as native Mac as you can get, so it looks nice on top of it all.

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  45. nick AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    allot isn’t a word!!!!!11, Fried Fox and Lenoux FTW

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  46. lofi UNITED KINGDOM Internet Explorer Windows says:

    why try and form identity around the type of browser you use?

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  47. Haha, interesting article, had a few chuckles with my developer over this one…..And most seem to be pretty on target….FIREFOX all the way…..

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  48. pat UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    what about flock?

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  49. Chris M. UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What about avant browser, i use avant and i like it.

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  50. recover SWEDEN Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You should get a counter on this page that shows how many visits from each browser. Btw, you’re digged.

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  51. I’ve been using Shiira as well. I was just keeping myself tight-lipped until 2.0+ was official and no longer Beta release. It’s a work of art so far.

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  52. Robshocka UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Spell check and proofreading are your friends.

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  53. Opera and Konqueror. I use opera mainly on my winblows box and and my linux lapper. I’ve been using computers since i was 5….for for 15 years….and I’ve hated IE for all 15. I hate IE even more now that Micro$cam is trying to force it’s own standards. Embrace opera! It’s the more user friendly and quickest browser I’ve ever used.

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  54. kumar NORWAY Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    totally agree on the ie6. its not ever “load the browser” rather, “go to internet” or “start internet now?” kinda crap.

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  55. Tree UNITED STATES Opera Windows says:

    Then there are those of us who can’t decide on JUST one browser. Gotta love Opera for it’s speed, Firefox for it’s extensions & security, Crazybrowser for it’s ease of use, and IE for it’s compatibility (especially with Microsoft-related sites). Not to mention, each browser can be set with different security settings trying to balance privacy against autofill & password storage.

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  56. Julia UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    I second Shiira. What about Camino?

    This could probably work for e-mail as well. Yay for the Gmail stereotype.

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  57. I use firefox, but I’m not really a developer. I tinker with html and that’s about it. What I like about firefox is the stability. It doesn’t blow up if you breathe on it, and I also like the ability to customize firefox with various and sundry plugins.

    That said, my husband is a developer, and he encourages my use of firefox and fits the description you gave very, very well. Almost too well.

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  58. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Flock: I never used Flock, and don’t know anyone who does. I will check it out though. Thanks!

    Jerry: Is FF 3.0 even usable at this point?

    Karthik Kumar: Glad you liked it :)

    flockstar: Damn, I definitely must work on my 1337’ness.

    alan: ow, crap! I totally forgot kmeleon. I could make some jokes about how it’s users are impatient so they need that pre-loader for that super fast startup! Thanks.

    sssiamese: If you look few posts back, I described a story when I had to support my cousins win98 machine. I keep telling her to get a new machine but she flat out refuses to. Go figure. But yeah, I know people like that personally, so that’s where this came from.

    xenoterracide: Thanks for the corrections! Sorry for the typos. I’m not sure about links2 but it is very possible that it does support javascript.

    Mark: I use FF 1.x myself as my primary browser. I use IE 6.0 for testing too. I was just trying to make these amusing :)

    chron: if im wastink so much fo yuor banwidh why are you wastin moore fo it by typing teh coment? :P

    blah: Yeah, FF has it’s faults, but I still love it because of the extensions, open sourcedness and all :) Lynx FTW!

    Scott: Ok, I will go ahead and be stupid right away. ;) If you didn’t notice this was posted in “humor” – which is the section where I post all the “haha – just kiddin stuff. This list is not meant to be treated seriously.

    Mike D: :)

    Sean: Sorry for the spelling. :oops:

    Billy: I know, I know… I’m downloading flock right now to check it out.

    Programous: Haha! Awesome!

    Clay Smith and Chad Allen: Yeah, I left these out cause I don’t know them that well. I don’t own a Mac, and I unfortunately don’t get to hang out with allot of Mac users :(

    daza: agreed, IE7 users are sophisticated enough to know firefox. But we can also assume they like Microsoft enough to buy most of their FUD.

    Paul: Hehe. KDE > Gnome. Bring it! ;)

    Artr: agh! I know, I must add flock to the list.

    bri: Sorry you didn’t like it. :( Thanks for taking time to post your exhausting critique of my post. I found it constructive and original.

    Dan: I would say it makes you a Mozilla Suite user who saw error of his ways and switched to FF like browser, but decided to keep the email and other apps in the browser.

    Tom: Good point… Another one to add to the list.

    Stu: Wow! I did not realize Flock was this popular!

    Kevin: Another one to the list. Seriously, I’m writing these down :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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  59. Roxy INDIA Opera Windows says:

    Extremely good man… That STEVE BALMER photo on the wall is really funny… Nice Post

    Reply  |  Quote
  60. Screamager SPAIN Opera Windows says:

    As an Opera user you pretty much got me right and although I dont blatantly dissagree with you on any of the categories completely youve over simplified quite a bit. Especially with IE fans, true most dont even know there is an alternative, but misteriously some ARE computer literate just the same.

    Reply  |  Quote
  61. Flock Lover MALAYSIA Flock Windows says:

    I love Flock. i have used Firefox, mozilla, IE 6,7… but I never find anything better than Flock…

    Reply  |  Quote
  62. grouchy old man UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Why must you pricks constantly engage in a series of oneupmanship regarding browsers? Are all your dicks really that small?

    For god’s sake children, grow up. Nobody but other small penis owners care about your damn browser wars, and those of us with gigantic dongs don’t give a shit. We’re too busy making fun of ALL of you.

    Everytime I see something this godforsaken fucktarded I think, “Wow that’s some piece of stupid.” Make your own damn browser from scratch if you’re so fucking gobbledeedicked, and then somebody like me might actually give a shit.

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  64. Psudo UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Haha, a great read!

    I can imagine someone using Lynx as their primary browser if their primary computer was an 8086 or 80286 without full VGA graphics support. I cannot, however, imagine such a computer accessing the world wide web all that much.

    I don’t really fit into this layout, though. I use Firefox 1.x, but I don’t have any opinions for or against Open Source. I use Firefox almost exclusively because of tabbed browsing, security, and adblocking. If IE 7 has all that in it’s final release, I’ll probably switch back.

    Reply  |  Quote
  65. Krhis UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    What about us Gnome users? :P

    Reply  |  Quote
  66. MySquares UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    i like your blog…

    im a IE7 user.. and i also have Firefox[with some extensions..] and Opera 9 on my PC i primarly use IE and believe me i dont want to be like Gates nor i have a poster of balmer… :S
    and i like open source things.. like firefox.. even tough i can program yet.. im sure they will become handy sometime.. :P

    really nice blog..

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  68. Colin-uk UNITED KINGDOM Internet Explorer says:

    what a fucking joke. har har.

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  69. Great article! I use Firefox most of the time, but occasionally Opera and Camino. I also HAVE Safari and IE, but never open them. I gues I’m eclectic, but I’m too lazy to import my favorites to all the browssers.

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  70. Cláudio Fernandes PORTUGAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    What about Galeon and Epiphany? :-) Although Galeon is a Firefox sun it has some strong and nice features! And is _the_ Gnome browser :)

    Reply  |  Quote
  71. Fabian GERMANY Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’m using FF 1.5 and I am not a strong supporter of the Open Source movement. In fact, I couldn’t care less. I have installed three extensions that I rarely use. The only reason I use FF instead of IE is better security and tabbed browsing. And becaue it is easier to customize the look and feel of FF.

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  72. Very funny, especially the AOL comments

    Reply  |  Quote
  73. kaalin UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    I am a diehard konqueror fan (nothing even comes close), but have been known to use omniweb (on my nextstation). sooooo… links2 supports javascript and graphics, if you are so inclined. (but really i have to use firefox on occasion because most websites arent even reasonably standards compliant. and for some reason they fscking love browsers with poor rendering engines).

    well blah blah blah your browser is teh lame blah blah. ohhhh wait.


    Reply  |  Quote
  74. Kristoffer DENMARK Opera Windows says:

    “You are dead on” – said the Opera and Firefox 2.0 user :-)

    Reply  |  Quote
  75. Hove UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    i use firefox 1.5 and you totaly got me. hats off

    Reply  |  Quote
  76. bumodo UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I thought the post was pretty amusing. Seems like a lot of people have taken it a bit too personally i think.

    I am an Opera users for most things. Open up firefox every once in a while when I run into something when Opera decideds it doesnt like a page.

    On a related note, Here is a shameless link to my post about arranging the toolbars in Opera 9


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  77. Suyi INDIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    what abt Swift?
    ” u are a Mac wannabe stuck in the windows world? ”

    Reply  |  Quote
  78. atom probe UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    I’ve seen *nix admins who basically live in a text-mode browser. Rarely is it lynx (though it is for some of the old timers). It is split between links2, elinks, w3m.

    links2 not only has some javascript support, but also has graphics support.

    elinks is my favorite text-mode browser. It supports some javascript & frames, as well as scripting, smb, transparent decompression, etc.

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  80. Gwinnagain SWITZERLAND Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Camino: You are a Mac user, not for any philosophical reason, but because a brand new Macbook has a 4% chance of getting you laid (compared to a 0% chance with a thinkpad, -10% with a Dell laptop). You used to like Safari until you found Camino. Senseless drivel coming from the Mac haters in the windows world rolls off your back and you look down on the fanboys prancing around yelling about how all Mac apps are better than all Windows apps especially those released by Apple. You like open source but don’t bother with contributing to it, you leave that for the nerds, you’ve got better shit to do like finishing your work and going out to the bar. At 4 am while IE users are trying to find that elusive “free porn” site that doesn’t need a credit card and the Fire Fox users are busy configuring their 14 extensions to give them the ultimate web browsing experience, you are asleep next to a girl who’s first name will be hard to remember in the morning, you never even knew her last name. Here’s to you Camino user.

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  81. Raider2044 AUSTRALIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Although not all the time, I do actually use lynx a fair bit. I find it quite clean and simple. Yes, normally I am Firefox all the way, but lynx is great when I am remotely accessing my ssh, a top text-based browser.

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  82. moof AUSTRALIA Safari Mac OS says:

    allot is actually a word, however it means basically “to give or apportion something to someone”

    “a lot” I think is what is meant by those above who used “allot”

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  83. Knowledge Seeker UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    Good read for sure.
    I am amazed you have not received a lot of flame from the Microsoft afficionados.
    I use a bit of all –
    IE for sites that are written by the earlier referenced category.
    Opera where I need sites to refresh frequently (autorefresh – too cool)
    Camino where some lax stylesheeted pages are to be rendered
    Safari for most because it does seem clean (equally with camino to be honest)
    Firefox for those that can’t be rendered by Safari or Camino
    I do ftp/scp etc. from command line – whats the point having a unix box and not being able to use command line :) (flames > /dev/null :))
    Lynx on the AIX box that I telnet to … servers dont have interfaces in our environment and lynx really helps.

    As you can tell, I use a couple of boxes …

    Reply  |  Quote
  84. Dan UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Your skipping another common user of IE6. With some common sense this browser is as safe as them all. For the last 2 to 3 years i have run IE6 with just the google toolbar to block pop-ups. I don’t run AV or Spyware tools AT ALL. If your not a tool, Don’t visit retarded sites, and don’t click on every link you come across, you too can safely browse with IE6. I am a Network Administrator with 10 years of real world experience under my belt. I have learned that with common sense almost anything is safe.

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  85. gramageek UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    There’s no such word as “allot”. I think you mean “a lot”.

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  87. me UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    you left out Community Edition builds of firefox. What does that say about your personality?

    Reply  |  Quote
  88. Alex CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Mac’s suck. Safari sucks.

    Reply  |  Quote
  89. dexter INDIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but, do you still think IE is flawed after installing SP2 and some antivirus.
    IE rocks and its the best.
    I am an open source fan, but, IE still works best for me since Firefox gets bloated as soon as i start it and begins crashing when i open many tabs while browsing digg or GNews.

    My vote is for IE!

    Reply  |  Quote
  90. user UNITED STATES Mozilla SeaMonkey Linux says:

    Firefox 1.x should include people who “think” they are geeks, but are not. As most are just followers of whatever the mass media says is “kewl” – and they want to be too, because they are really nothing but loosers.

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  91. What about Camino? Combine what you said about Firefox 1.x and Safari.

    Or iCab – it’s a mix of Lynx, Opera, and Netscape.

    It’s the only browser that is still being maintained for Mac Classic (OS 8 – 9) It also runs on OS X natively. It’s completely standards compliant (to a fault). It’s not very pretty. But it works. It’s also open source and geeky.

    This person is probably old school, over geeky, anal, not concerned with appearences, and/or possibly lying.

    Reply  |  Quote
  92. Jack CHINA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Interesting post. There is a web browser that you haven’t mentioned which has a great number of fans here in china — Myie2, although it is based on IE. It’s really handy and does everything that other browers can do. It has many plugins, skins too. It has english version available. Check it out at http://www.myie2.com

    Reply  |  Quote
  93. niyue CHINA Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    Funny post, I think you could add a browser counter to this page to see the fans to defend their favourite

    Reply  |  Quote
  94. whoops UNITED KINGDOM Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Perhaps developers that use ie6 recognise that as it has 80-90% of the market share it is by definition the standard. Its clearly too complex for you monkeys :)

    Reply  |  Quote
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  96. maxthon FRANCE Internet Explorer Windows says:


    Reply  |  Quote
  97. Brian UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You don’t have to be a strong supporter of open source and think RMS is the man. Personally I think he’s a crass idiot and I

    Reply  |  Quote
  98. Bubba UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Umm, I use them all. Really… except for the Linux stuff.
    I use IE6, Firefox1.X, and Mozilla on my work computer,
    Firefox2.0, IE7, and Opera at home on my XP machine,
    and Safari, Firefox, and opera on my Macbook Pro!
    That probably makes me schizophrenic.
    Excellent post!

    Reply  |  Quote
  99. jamEs UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    You’re a Mac fanatic but find Safari a bit too default for your liking. You’ve given Firefox a shot but find it isn’t Mac enough for you. Camino is right up your alley as it brings most of what you like about Firefox and puts a Mac-style sheen on the proceedings. You like the lean-ness of the browser and find it strikes the right balance of speed, style and function, even though you can’t use Firefox’s extensive array of extensions.

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