Stealth Ringer in a Ring

Remember Ring

When I saw the Remember Ring link on boinboing I got an interesting idea. How about bluetooth enabled jewelry which would interface with your cell phone?

If you are to lazy to click on that link, it features a wedding band that has a built in timer, and heat capacitor or some such. It will heat up on a predefined date (eg. wedding anniversary) so that you don’t forget. My idea is to replace the timer with a bluetooth circuitry. Have it interface with your phone so that it warms up when you receive a call.

This could be an interesting alternative to the vibration feature. The fact is that in a quiet room (for example an important meeting), you can still hear phone buzzing in someones pocket or purse. A heat-ring would produce no audible cues though. You could keep your phone on silent all day long, and still never miss an important call. You could politely excuse yourself from the meeting and take the call without anyone knowing. And you can avoid all the awkwardness of silencing a loudly buzzing cell in your packet while everyone gives you dirty looks.

You could extend this to necklaces, bracelets, earrings and etc. Hell, make a cheep steel and plastic version with a cool logo work so the same teenagers who walk around all day with the bluetooth earpiece in can now also use a funky ring as a status symbol.

Btw, if you are planning to use this idea, I will require lots of monies from you to license my intellectual propertah! :mrgreen:

Please note that I personally think that intellectual property is an oxymoron, and a inherently false concept. I believe that you cannot own ideas and share them at the same time. But, I am not above taking your money if you decide to give it to me. :P

Remember Ring company on the other hand is probably much more conservative in this aspect. They are likely to have patented everything that involves combining jewelry and an electronic circuit. So you probably will be paying someone…

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4 Responses to Stealth Ringer in a Ring

  1. Matt UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    hehe, judging by some of the stuff that gets patented, they probably got one for any kind of electrical device (anything that uses electricity in any way at all) that’s designed for you to wear it, carry it, have it in your pocket or have anywhere within a metre of your hand

    whats that “makers of every other electric device ever invented” dont you like being made to pay royalties to someone who had nothing to do with your product? well tough cause patent law is like that :P

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    One day, when I’m rich and famous I will file for the following patent:

    Method and System of Preventing a Competitor from Entering the Market by Filing for a Vague and Unspecific Patent, and then Suing the Pants of Said Competitor

    But something tells me that Microsoft already owns that one (only theirs is more vague).

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  3. Matt UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Screw “When im rich” do it now and itll *make* you rich!

    uhh.. wait a sec, no, dont do that, leave it a few years
    I just have to… go to.. a place that is not the patent office.. kbye!

    –one of those “jumps in taxi then plane” scenes–
    no idea why i need a plane to go the patent office.. meh :P

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