More Links To Numbers Stations

Here are some more links to recordings from Numbers Station. Creepy and fascinating at the same time. I do not recommend playing lottery with these numbers, unless you want to suffer the Hurley Curse :P

I found these on some Japanise site:

981 – supposedly by CIA
Another CIA Recording
Mossad Recording
Another English Recording

HF Underground has bundles of them. Here is a sample:

Transmission from Warrenton Training Center in Virgina (whatever that is).

This must be my favorite – it creeps the shit out of me every time I listen to it. It is a Russian Polytone station which uses high and low tones to encode the message. The effect sounds like some weird, slow playing bizarre midi tune that seems to have a mysterious rythm and logic of its own:

Russian Polytone Station

I dare you to listen to the whole polytone recording. It is just to creepy!

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3 Responses to More Links To Numbers Stations

  1. Dan Geiser UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Oooh, that Russian Polytone gets really good at about the 2:17 mark. And after about 30 seconds of that I had to stop it because my mind couldn’t stop looking for the pattern.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Yeah, it speeds up alot – I guess that is the transmission proper, and everything else is some sort of preamble.

    If I had to listen to this for an extended amount of time, I think I would flip out or something.

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  3. JuEeHa FINLAND Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    I listened the polytone recording. Now I am going to make it my ringtone. I really don’t see why it is creapy and I think it is pretty awersome. I have actually heard one of these from radio while looking for Russian MW stations at night (because they seem to transmit better at night). It happened while we were 30km away from russian border and it sent two tones at random intervals. That was bit creepy to hear the first time.

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