Lately it has been difficult for me to work on my school related projects at home, because of constant interruptions and distractions. I also can’t really do much research related stuff when I’m at work, because they usually make me do other things when I’m there (crazy, I know). So I come here to school and shut myself in my little office to get some quiet time just for my research…

And all I can think about are all the cute girls walking all around the campus. All I have to do is to get out in front of the building, and I’m surrounded with hawtness. Seriously, they are all over the place this semester. I’m going to miss this once I graduate. But right now, it’s really not helping me to concentrate on reading all these cryptic research papers. Sigh…

I just hit up bloglines to take a break and clear up my head, and I get another batch of distractions – things like Assassin’s Creed gameplay video. I think the best way to describe this game is Hitman meets Price of Persia meets Oblivion. Or something among these lines. It looks totally awesome, and distracting as hell!

Sigh…. And now back to Nonnegative Matrix Factorization papers…

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