Battlestar Galactica: The New Season

Grace Park Q&A Session

Are you ready for the Battlestar Galactica season premiere? I went and watched all ten of the Scif Chanel webisodes and they didn’t really do much for me. You are not missing anything spectacular if you don’t watch them – and perhaps that was the point. It kinda felt like watching the deleted scenes on a DVD.

Had this ever happened to you? You start watching them expecting to see some bloopers, and instead you get all the boring, drawn out, and lame scenes. This a little bit how the webisodes felt. Meh…

I actually enjoyed Grace Park’s Q&A sessions much more. You can find them here: Part 1, Part 2. It’s great to see Grace smiling and being playful. Her character on the show spent most of the last season being absolutely miserable, so it’s a nice change. She is absolutely adorable in these. Although I don’t know anyone who actually says “b-board” – usually people say the board or message board when referring to online forums. Last time I visited Scifi Chanel based communities they were collectively known as “the dom“ – but that might have changed at some point…

Anyways, to summarize: can’t wait for the show to start again, webisodes = lame, Grace Park = cute.

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