The Touch of Death

I thought this was kinda awesome:

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Is this stuff for real? I don’t really care. I want it to be real!

Part of me wants to go get some electronic equipment there and monitor the vital stats of the master and his victim and see what is going on. Measure any unexplained energy exchange, see if there is any physical artifact to that blow…

But then on the other hand I really want to believe that you can kill a man by channeling your chi at a specific meridian point (or whatever they do)! So whenever I watch stuff like that I really try hard to suspend my disbelief, suppress my scientific curiosity and just enjoy the awesome. :mrgreen:

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2 Responses to The Touch of Death

  1. jon REPUBLIC OF KOREA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I was searching around for some martial arts related sites, and came across yours. Since it had alot of good info, I figured I’de ask you – The reason I
    was searching is because I just picked up this new domain
    and I’m fresh out of ideas about what to do with it. Any suggestions?

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  2. karen UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Dim mak and kyoshu jitsui have been around forever, and someone is always claiming that he can kill with a touch. I, like you, think this is pretty cool and would love to definitively either prove or debunk the issue. Of course, that would take all the fun out of it!!!

    I will tell you this, though. I know that a series of “killing blows” will take a man’s life. Took a lot of training to learn how to do it, but have never had to use it (thank God). Also, if you are interested in merely disabling an opponent, there are multiple strikes you can use that utilize very little concussive force. These include some pretty weak strikes to the wrist, elbow, or back that seem to stun your opponent – call it a mini-knock out. Nobody seems to know why striking these areas works like it does, but we were taught how to use them at Parris Island. Don’t count on it working for long – maybe 10 to 30 seconds – but it does give you time to set up a more opportune position. Nobody ever told me that I’d need to “focus my chi” or anything, though.

    Having never been a student or practioner of any form of martial arts, I have no idea where the concept originated. Now, of course, I’m going to have to find out. I’ll put it on my procrastinator’s list of “things that sound pretty cool and will waste a lot of time”.


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