Conversations with Ark

I was in the store today with my brother Ark. He is one of those people who religiously wears Converse all year round (even when it’s below zero and there is 6″ of snow outside). He was unhappy with the assortment of shoes they had there. All of a sudden he disappeared and reemerged with two pairs of Converse in different shades of pink.

Ark's Pink Shoes

Me: Dude, did you pull those out of the ladies aisle?
Ark: Yes.
Me: Wtf?
Ark: Dude, all Converse shoes are unisex. See, they print both male and female sizes on them – every pair is marked the same. The store just arbitrarily sorts them by colors and shit. These are awesome!
Me: Yeah, awesome if you’re gay!
Ark: Whatever, I’m secure enough with my sexuality to wear pink shoes. Hold on, I also need to get some boxers.
Me: Oh, do you get that in the ladies aisle too?
Ark: I said boxers, not lingerie…
Me: Ah… I forgot you buy your lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.
Ark: That’s where I get my thongs!

Then he proceeds to pick up a T-Shirt that says “You are looking at a legend” and he shows it to me.

Ark The Legend

Sigh… I think Ark needs his own sitcom. :P

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3 Responses to Conversations with Ark

  1. I like the plaid shoes. Instead of a sitcom, this story would make for a great Lifetime movie…except you’ll need to oppress women a little more, since that is the standard of a Lifetime movie.

    You should start wearing plaid.

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  2. Syn4ckal UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Haha, Ark is a legend. He is a legend at stirring the quad drama; quad damage to be specific.

    To Jenn, I saw you on bloomfield avenue last week but I could not say hello and manage to avoid a truck at once.


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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Haha! Quad damage! LOL! I love it! :mrgreen:

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