Dreamhost Gives out Free Hosting to Non-Profit Organizations

I’m kinda impressed. My host (dreamhost) has revised it’s policy towards non-profit organizations, and decided to give them a free ride. So if you are an official, registered non-profit or charitable organization you can get their top tier offering (500GB disk space and 50TB bandwidth on signup) absolutely free. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

This is totally a PR stunt, but still – it’s nice. I’m just hoping this won’t mean more crowded servers and sluggish load times for us paying customers.

If Terminally Incoherent goes down one day or load sluggish, you know who to blame. It’s those damn, charity assholes being all up in our server, steelin our bandwidth. Oh my… I think this calls for a retarded cat picture meme.

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