How do you spell goodbye?

Apparently there are some people out there who can’t spell the word “goodbye”. These people somehow get jobs, in bakeries doing lettering on cakes:

Amy's Goodbye CakeAmy's Goodbye CakeAmy's Goodbye Cake
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I don’t know what to say about this… Is it to late to nominate this dude for the Idiot of the Year award?

At least we had a good chuckle about it in the office. All of us immediately grabbed our cell phones, and started snapping pictures. At one point there were like 7 cells and 2 digital cameras hovering over that cake. I think this really says something about the age we live in. Digital photography has become completely ubiquitous utility these days.

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  1. carole UNITED STATES Safari says:

    Is it TOO late….
    Oops, you made a mistake!

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