Boston shuts down because of Mooninites

You know, I sometimes forget that people are generally a heard of fucking sheep. On average, we are so fucking dumb I’m amazed we can actually maintain this thing we call civilization. Case in point:

Moononites Attack
img found @ yahoo news

Yup, it’s a policeman “disarming” an blinking LED sign featuring a Mooninite. Apparently, the retarded monkeys that inhabit Boston decided to shut half of the city down, because they saw a blinking light on a bridge or two, while the homo sapien part of the population was busy actually doing meaningful stuff (ie. not calling 911 over stupid bullshit). After all, every one knows that a terrorist bomb from Al Queda has bright blinking LED and a little cartoon dude flipping you the bird, right? And you can totally blow up a bridge with a flat circuit board and some AA batteries. Seriously people – how do you guys deal with Christmas over there? It must be freak out central around that time of the year.

stupid: ZOMG! It’s a BOMB!
911: Relax ma’am it’s just Christmas lights…
stupid: Oh.. ok… ZOMG! Another BOMB!
911: Nope… Still Christmas lights…

Congratulations Boston – you win the award in total fail of the year.

Of course this is a total win for Aqua Teen Hunger Force – they get national coverage, and a spot on evening news on almost every channel. All because Boston authorities can’t tell a bomb from a promotional sign. Awesome job guys!

Update 02/01/2007 12:29:32 PM

Heh! I’m not the only one who is amused by the stupidity here (⇒ Joe and the Monkey Comic).

Update 02/02/2007 12:05:27 AM


For Great Justice!

Update 02/03/2007 08:35:13 PM

Cartoon Network reaction via the adult swim bump:


Haha! Awesome!

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7 Responses to Boston shuts down because of Mooninites

  1. Elephantman UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Yeah, heard about it.

    I want to post something. And how am I to accomplish this?

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox SuSE Linux says:

    You just did. For some reason AKISMET keeps dumping your posts in the moderation queue. I’m approving them as I see them come in.

    It should stop doing this eventually. :)

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  3. Elephantman UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hopefully. I very much appreciate it. But to start a new topic??? Go to login on the main page??
    Already have, maybe the same AKISMET is blocking that. I’ll go to wiki to research that in curiosity.

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox SuSE Linux says:

    Oh… Well, that’s an easy one. To start a new topic you have to… Well, be me. ;)

    This is not really a message board, but a personal blog of mine. I haven’t really had any guest bloggers, or secondary authors here.

    That said, I could set up a forum where people could post freely but I figured I don’t have community big enough to warrant that.

    Of course if would would like to have a Terminally Incoherent Board, I could definitely set one up. :)

    I hope this clears stuff up a bit.

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  5. Elephantman UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Understandable. And no one likes spam…I enjoy your blog. Whether or not you make a board I’ll just send you whatever I come across. Your blog is funny. I like reading it.

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  6. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hehe! Adult Swim responded to the Boston thing with a bump. Check the post – I uploaded an animated gif so you can see it.

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